Alison Review 2024: Alison Certificate vs Diploma

In 2007, a new kind of learning started with Alison. This free online course provider made higher education and diploma courses accessible to everyone. Now, after more than 15 years, Alison has over 4,000 courses. But is Alison worth the hype? In this blog, we’ll discuss about Alison in detail. We will also disclose the difference between Alison certificate vs diploma.

Alison is an online learning platform. It’s got more than 4,000 courses in 10 categories. This site lets you learn, get certifications, and build your career. You can earn money after learning here. Alison has worked with big companies like Stanford, Microsoft, Google, and the University of Cambridge for many subjects. A businessman, Mike Feerick, started it. His mission was to make education, skills, and training accessible to everyone. Now, Alison has over 30 million registered users from 195 countries. It changes lives by giving everyone a chance to learn. 

How Does Alison Work?

To start learning on Alison, you must register for a free account. Just click on the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top right corner. You’ll give your email address, name, and a password. Once you’re in, you can browse and enroll in 4,000+ courses. There are many subjects to choose from, like IT, Health, Language, Business, Management, English, Engineering & Construction, Sales & Marketing, and Teaching & Academics.

Each course has a module breakdown and a course description. You can check these before committing. You can also Sign up for premium for regular discounts and no ads if you like. This makes learning easy and smooth. If you finish a course, you can buy a certification or diploma to show what you’ve learned.

How Much Does Alison Cost?

Alison is a free learning platform where you can access classes without cost. If you want more, like paid-for extras, there are subscription options. For Diploma and Certificate courses, you can learn a lot. Let’s discuss them more in detail.

Diploma and Certificate Courses

The diploma courses on Alison are longer than the certificate courses. You can access both free of cost. But after the course or diploma, if you want a formal certificate, there’s an additional cost. A digital certificate for a diploma will cost you $110, while for a certificate course, it’s around $35. 

Premium Subscription

If you pay for a subscription, the free site gets even better. For about $8.72/month, Alison Premium takes away ads and gives you exclusive monthly discounts. These discounts never expire. They even offer 50% off if you want to buy the certificate.

Who Alison is for?

Credit: Alison

Alison has a variety of courses. Suppose you can’t afford expensive college but want to build a career. Or you are just interested in learning something new. Alison is perfect for you. It’s also great for Employers who wish to upskill their team. Alison has something for everyone, even if you’re just exploring hobbies and interests.

What an Alison Lesson Look Like

Credit: Alison

At Alison, you’ll find a large volume of courses. With hundreds of partnerships, it’s hard to say every course is the same. But here’s what a general structure or outline of a class might look like. You can expect to see high-quality video lessons with subtitles in a typical lesson. These make learning easier. They also have study reminders to help you keep learning regularly. Multiple-choice quizzes come up often to make sure you get what you’re learning. If you need help, there are always readily available support services. At the end, there’s a final assessment. Pass that, and you earn a certificate.

Alison Certificate

When you finish a course on Alison, you can pay more to get an official Alison certificate. However, this is something you can show to future employers. You can use it on social media profiles, CVs, or job applications. Alison has three kinds of certificates: 

  1. Digital
  2. Physical
  3. Framed

You get the digital one right away when you pay. The physical one is special with Alison’s brand, and they send it to you without charging for shipping. But both options are paid.

You don’t need to buy a certificate for courses that are just for fun or to learn a skill. But even a digital copy is an excellent choice for Alison’s diploma courses. It can help you stand out when you’re looking for a job.

Alison Certificate vs Diploma

Certificate courses are best for light study, while Diploma courses offer detailed knowledge on a particular topic. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Certificate Courses

alison certificate vs diploma
Credit: Alison

Alison’s Certificate courses are short, taking about 2 to 3 hours on average. They’re perfect if you want to gain critical knowledge of individual concepts. These courses cover languages, media studies, journalism, health, computer programming,  fitness, business, public relations, and networking. If you prefer to focus on learning distinct topics, these are great. They offer deep learning in various subjects.

Diploma Courses

alison certificate vs diploma

Diploma courses are longer, averaging 8 to 10 hours. They are designed for an extensive understanding of a subject area, helping you understand multiple concepts of specific niche. These courses include workplace safety, business management, health, entrepreneurship, nursing, customer service, patient care, and stress management. So, we can say that Alison’s diploma is equivalent to any other traditional diploma courses in terms of the knowledge they provide.

Final Thoughts

Alison offers a unique learning experience whether you choose a certificate or a diploma course. Both options are designed to meet different learning needs and goals. Certificate courses are ideal for quick, focused learning on specific topics, while diploma courses offer a more in-depth exploration of a subject. With Alison, you can choose your education path according to your personal or professional growth, making it a valuable resource for learners worldwide.

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