Top 7 Best Alternatives to Envato Elements in 2024

Are you searching for alternatives to Envato Elements?  It’s well known for its high-quality stock content, including photos, videos, and templates. Yet, there’s no need to think it’s the only option out there. Many people who work as designers or marketers need to create professional-looking content without always having to hire a photographer. Plus, keeping costs down matters when you need to save both time and money.

Other websites offer similar features and selections, with prices that can match or beat what you’d find on Envato. These sites provide an equal range of quality options, making them a good choice for anyone needing good content on a tighter budget. In this blog, we will share the best 7 alternatives to Envato Element.

Envato Elements is a platform offering a wide variety of digital assets. This platform provides resources such as graphics, fonts, and templates, making it a popular choice for those in need of high-quality creative materials. Whether you’re a designer, marketer, or content creator, Envato Elements delivers valuable tools that help enhance projects and make the workflow easy.

How to Pick the Best Envato Elements Alternative

When looking for an alternative to Envato Elements, consider your specific needs. Start by comparing options. Some services offer one-time purchases or weekly or monthly plans, which might fit better than a subscription service, depending on your project frequency. Check the library for variety, ensuring it has the perfect footage or content that’s high-quality, clear, etc.

Make sure the platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to download and review footage. Always read reviews from other people who’ve used the service to get satisfaction and reliability. Finally, prices will be compared, and terms and conditions will be reviewed to understand the rights and terms and conditions associated with the footage. This careful consideration will help you make a good decision about which service will best meet your needs.

7 Best Alternatives to Envato Elements

Now, let’s discuss the 7 Envato alternatives in detail

Adobe Stock

Alternatives to Envato Elements
Credit: Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a great image platform for photographs and graphic images. It offers scenes of cities, places, and many other things. As one of the largest online collections, it includes:

  • Illustrations
  • Vectors 
  • Videos 
  • Templates
  • Audio footage

When comparing Adobe Stock vs. Envato Elements, Adobe has a larger collection of digital assets. It is the best choice for those needing many types of content. Envato Elements is good, too, but Adobe Stock has more variety and premium content.

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Creative Market

Alternatives to Envato Elements
Credit: Creative Market

Creative Market is a good alternative to Envato Elements. This marketplace offers high-quality designs from independent artists. You can find templates, graphics, themes, fonts, photo templates, and extensions. It’s a great platform for designers looking for a variety of digital assets.

One big advantage of Creative Market is its pricing structure. Unlike a subscription model, you can purchase individual collections based on your requirements. This means you only pay for what you need. With many items from different shops and sellers, users have lots of potential choices. The platform also offers a credit plan, making it easier to manage your budget.

Template Monster

Alternatives to Envato Elements
Credit: Template Monster

Template Monster is great for bloggers, web admins, and business owners, no matter how small or large. It offers a large selection of themes, plugins, 3D videos, HTML templates, images, presentation templates, audio, graphics, illustrations, logo templates, font icons, and vectors. If you are looking for an authentic alternative to Envato Elements, Template Monster is a strong competitor.

In the areas of CMS and eCommerce, Template Monster competes well with its themes and plugins. It also offers trusted services and easy access to its large library, making it a reliable choice. Template Monster compensates for any gaps you might find in Envato by providing a comprehensive range of digital assets.

Motion Elements

Alternatives to Envato Elements
Credit: Motion Elements

Motion Elements is a great source for digital assets. With an inventory of over three million items, it competes well with Envato Elements. You can find WordPress themes, plugins, videos, music, GIFs, and animation models. They also have Premiere Pro, 3D, and Apple Motion templates.

Motion Elements uses an AI search tool that helps you quickly find what you need. You can easily search for videos, images, or audio.

Motion Array

Alternatives to Envato Elements
Credit: Motion Array

Motion Array is a good alternative to Envato Elements for video creators. It offers motion graphics, templates, and audio effects. This platform also offers many creative resources, such as template designs. The subscription cost is higher than some other options, which makes it an expensive tool.

Even though the collection is smaller, the tools are very focused and helpful. The Pro subscription plan gives you Premiere Pro templates, Professional After Effects, music, and stock videos.


Credit: Storyblocks

Storyblocks, founded by Joel Holland, is an online platform that offers affordable access to a large digital library of assets. This platform is great for entrepreneurs and creators who need a wide selection of products. With affordable pricing, the Unlimited All-Access plan is only $30/month with annual billing. You get access to music libraries, images, and videos.

The subscription plan includes unlimited files, including high-definition videos and audio tracks. You can sign up for free to try it out. Storyblocks also has an online video editor and video templates for any recording job. 


Alternatives to Envato Elements
Credit: Canva

Canva is a powerful tool to create designs with various digital assets. It offers many templates for different projects. You can start from scratch or use the platform’s elements to simplify your work.

This platform helps users create professional-looking designs quickly. Canva offers access to many templates and elements that make designing easy and efficient. It’s an excellent alternative to Envato Element.

Final Thoughts

Finding an alternative to Envato Elements is easier than you think. Platforms like Adobe Stock, Creative Market, Template Monster, Motion Elements, Motion Array, Storyblocks, and Canva offer high-quality digital assets for different needs. They provide a variety of templates, images, videos, and audio at competitive prices. Whether you are a marketer, designer, or content creator, these alternatives can help you create professional content without spending too much. 

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