Are There Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches At FAANG?

Are there scrum masters and agileSo, let’s go and answer our title question, “are there scrum masters and agile coaches at FAANG?”.

When it comes to lightweight development project management, some of the tech companies that make up FAANG utilize Scrum and agile coaching. Apple, Netflix, and Amazon use them in abundance. Google tends to be too large for agile’s small-scale methods. Alternatively, Facebook/Meta tries to shy away from that specific verbiage. 

Software development teams often seek to structure their frameworks around the tools that the biggest tech names in the industry use. Those with an eye already trained on the sprinting paces of Scrum and agile coaching can integrate these techniques knowing that these technology giants back them. 

Are There Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches At FAANG?​

With FAANG companies, road-mapping a dev project requires intricate, well-structured planning. Scrum mastery and Agile coaching has been adopted by some of the most prominent development organizations for this very reason.

Some companies, like Google, need help to effectively integrate Scrum or agile coaching into their developmental ideologies. This does not mean that their current tactics are ineffective – they wouldn’t be a part of the acronym if they were.

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How Does Amazon Use Scrum and Agile Coaching?

Are There Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches At FAANG?

How Does Amazon Use Scrum and Agile Coaching?

As one of the biggest household names in the world, Amazon is quite familiar with the concept of agile coaching. In fact, the business has been using it since 1999. Scrum masters began to work their way into the complex development processes that the shopping site faced in the early 2000s. 

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Amazon uses agile coaching and Scrum in a few different ways. 

  • Amazon encourages its teams to approach their obstacles at their own discretion. It eliminates the need for a central authority to approve every step and consideration. As a result, teams can deliver high-quality software solutions in a streamlined manner. 
  • In use since the early 2000s, the long-lived dev teams at Amazon support agile practices. Additionally, the standards and policies that each team curates are consistent with Scrum methodologies. 
  • Scrum masters at Amazon sow the seeds for their colleagues to learn the practices as well. Usually, these masters will educate their peers voluntarily. With that benefit in tow, teams have the individualized ability to make their own choices on how to implement these methods. 
  • Agile coaching has been key to Amazon’s success. With it, engineers can deploy codes every 12 seconds – with a drop in volume and duration of outages to boot.

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How Does Google Use Scrum and Agile Coaching?

Are There Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches At FAANG?

How Does Google Use Scrum and Agile Coaching? ​

Unfortunately, Google tends not to touch on Scrum or agile framework models. Former and current employees have weighed in to explain that the types of software that the company makes aren’t quite suited for the agile coaching methodology.

Google is well known for its employee culture. Because of the individuality the company promotes, it tends to shy away from set-in-stone methods of coaching and operations. The attitude around Google’s dev ops teams also does not support Scrum or Agile methodologies.

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However, some pockets of Google use agile to break their development work into manageable chunks. This tends to be incorporated on a team-by-team basis.

Some developers at Google see agile coaching as a technique that doesn’t make sense for their scale or goals. Others embrace it and integrate it in sensible ways for their teams and projects.

Scrum masters looking to land a position at this FAANG company should highlight more broad forms of project management than just Scrum on their resumes.

Development teams can still take plenty of notes from Google’s frameworks and find ways to weave that into their prospective management functions. 

When it comes to Google, the answer to our title question, “are there scrum masters and agile coaches at FAANG?” is definitely, and in abundance to be fair, because both of these role types help Google continue to progress and develop and stay ahead of the curve.

How Does Facebook/Meta Use Scrum and Agile Coaching?

Are There Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches At FAANG?

How Does Facebook/Meta Use Scrum and Agile Coaching? ​

While Facebook, now Meta, avoids labeling their practice as agile coaching, they can be considered an agile company. In fact, they even hold Scrum stand-up meetings.

Additionally, Meta’s engineer teams are autonomous, much as teams are in agile coaching. The culture there is very developer-driving, cutting out some of the red tape involved in problem-solving. This is similar to how Amazon operates in their dev ops teams.

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In some smaller teams at the social media company, agile coaching and Scrum ideals are in place, as set by project managers and developers. However, no set guideline dictates that they must use this type of framework.

How Does Apple Use Scrum and Agile Coaching

Are There Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches At FAANG?


Apple is a big user of Scrum and agile coaching – sometimes, without even saying they’re using it. Apple’s Worldwide Marketing Communications Organization (Marcom) hires Scrum masters to lead the development of globally integrated internal tools. 

True to Scrum methods, Apple prefers to work in short iterations, at least when it comes to manufacturing. This speaks well to the ideals of Scrum-based project management. 

It isn’t just Scrum that Apple embraces, either. The company is also decidedly agile

In the insightful Inside Apple written by Adam Lachinsky, Apple’s methods of small project groups highlight the company’s agility. 

There is also an emphasis on responsibility and ownership – another agile value. Apple uses the company acronym DRI or Directly Responsible Individual. This refers to the individual who takes full ownership of the occasional error or misstep. 

How Does Netflix Use Scrum And Agile Coaching?

Are There Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches At FAANG?


Netflix has a stronghold on media streaming. The $2.6 billion it spent on research and development in the last twelve months proves it’s looking to keep that spot at the top. 

What can be found in those development teams? A lot of agile practices and plenty of Scum integration. 

Netflix weighs heavily on the feedback it receives from audiences, quickly integrating that into the next release. Internally, Netflix focuses on interactive, fast feedback among smaller teams. The application of feedback is more expansive than their internal teams, too.

Scrum Masters at Netflix

The streaming platform clings to Scrum’s lightweight framework to release new products quickly, meeting customer demands. This process also manages operational flow with ease.

Another Scrum technique that Netflix uses is the concept of cutting out the middleman. Within Netflix’s teams, there exists the position of the informed captain. This person is closest to the information and is thus designated the decision maker.

With the middleman left out of the equation, choices are made quickly and concisely.

Employing radical candor as a critical component of its culture is another way Netflix puts their money where their mouth is in utilizing Scrum. According to employees, the service is open to feedback, giving it anywhere and anytime it is needed – all with a robust, 360-degree focus.

In some cases, this bold approach to feedback manifests in the form of feedback dinners. Here, constructive critique and accolades about performance are shared freely.

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Final Thoughts

All of these FAANG companies use some of the ideas present in agile coaching and Scrum. Job-seeking hopefuls who want to land a coveted spot at one of these tech giants do not have to thoroughly scrub their resumes of these terms, as they teach valuable, across-the-board team management methods.

And what of development teams shopping around for new process management tools. As a rule of thumb, they should find ways to work Scrum, agile coaching, and their own unique tools to create something that will propel their dev teams to success. But how do you take a leaf out of the books of these giants?

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