Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

Best apps for TOEFL PreparationHey guys, you good?

Learning English as a foreign language is definitely up there as one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in your life, but like with everything in life, finding hacks and the best methods to success is what it’s all about, and a great way is by checking out our list of best apps for TOEFL preparation.

One of our favorites is actually listed at number 5 (believe it or not), and that is Magoosh. We would highly recommend this platform as it offers a wide variety of TOEFL revision and testing features with sound educational principles, aimed at helping you pass the TOEFL with flying colors. Read further down for a broader review. 

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Now we know that becoming fluent in English wherever you are in the world is really tough and pretty stressful, but you can ace the TOEFL by following a few simple steps.

First, let’s talk about the TOEFL exam and what it includes.

The TOEFL stands for (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an exam that seeks to measure how well someone can understand and utilize the English language up to the college level in English-language proficiency.

At last count, around 35 million people worldwide have taken the TOEFL examination, which focuses on four main topic areas.

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

The idea of the TOEFL is to ensure that all participants have that English language comprehension in a purely academic context.

Nowadays, the TOEFL has come a long way and can be taken in 3 different methods, these are:

  • On a computer, at a testing center
  • On a computer, at home
  • On paper, at a testing center

Suppose you are looking to study at a western university. In that case, you will most likely be taking the TOEFL exam, as it is the primary test that is accepted in over 160 countries and across 11,500+ institutions around the world, which will ensure you secure your spot at your chosen college. 

When trying to learn English, it will take time. With the punctuation and grammar needed to excel in the test, you are going to need some seriously good test materials to smash the TOEFL and ensure you get the result you need. 

In this post, “Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)“, we’ll look at the best TOEFL desktop and mobile prep apps available on the market today. We’ll also provide insights into the benefits of each to ensure you make the right decision when studying for English-language mastery.

Let’s check out the apps we believe are the best for prepping for the TOEFL test and ones that will 100% be worth your time, effort, and money.

1. Magoosh TOEFL Flashcards

Check out Magoosh Flash Cards on iOS

Hey guys, you good?

The first service up to bat is one of my favorite education companies out there, and that is Magoosh. 

With the help of leading tutors, teachers, trainers, and educational consultants, Magoosh developed their free TOEFL flashcards, which includes a humongous content library of flashcards to assist you in turning your knowledge from short-term into long term memory.

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One of the great things is that you can use the flashcards for an ongoing study on any device, whether it be desktop, iOS, or Android. 

As you work your way through the various flashcards on offer, you will find numerous decks to choose from; these include: 

  • Common words
  • Easy words
  • Medium words
  • Medium words 2
  • Medium words 3
  • Hard words
  • Hard words 2
  • Hard words 3
  • Hard words 4
  • Very Hard Words
  • Very hard words 2
  • Very hard words 3

You will be able to analyze where you were strong and where you still have room for development which is useful for your personal development. 

We’re really happy to have this listed number 1 in our list of best apps for TOEFL preparation, as we feel for ease of use on a mobile device, it ticks all the boxes for students.  

The TOEFL can throw up some real curveballs, so Magoosh has made it possible to study across multiple difficulty levels to ensure you get the tuition you require to pass this tricky exam. Just give thanks to Lucas Fink and the other Magoosh TOEFL experts for hand-picking these 200 must-know words. 

Google and Apple

Continuously practicing the words you need is your route to English excellence. 

You can access Mogoosh flashcards here

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

2. TOEFL Go Official App


ETS is the official developer of the TOEFL exam, and the only designated official test prep app is called the TOEFL Go! Official App.

It’s awesome to have such a great resource available to engage in practice tests for free and to enable you to level up your English skills all on your phone.

The TOEFL Go! app is a great addition to our list of best apps for TOEFL preparation.

The app is only available on both iOS and Android, so joy for everyone here.

So, if you take the plunge and download the TOEFL Go app, the features you can look forward to are the following:

  • Free examples to try before you purchase the paid version of the app. Try authentic, real-world questions in-app, as well as being able to purchase in-app upgrades.
  • Check your results any time of day of the week.
  • Easy to use, linear questions based around the TOEFL exam.
  • Questions across all 4 TOEFL topics: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 
Google and Apple

If you want a quick and easy way of learning the TOEFL from the horse’s mouth, download the app from the app store now, or grab it here (mobile and tablet only). 

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

3. E2 Test Prep

E2 Test Prep Course View

Many of these other platforms you will see on this list are either apps to use on mobile or desktop-based question and answer platforms, but what about if the opportunity exists where you can pay to actually learn from expert teachers who know the TOEFL inside and out.

E2 Test Prep’s greatest strengths are how wholesome its content is. Depending on what package your purchase, when you pay for E2, you will find the following features:

  • One-on-one teacher tuition.
  • Pre-test session
  • Speaking and writing mock test
  • Post Test Consultation
  • Independent Writing
  • Integrated Writing
  • Independent Speaking
  • Integrated Speaking

E2 is a bit of a game-changer, especially if live classes are something you need to help you with your study.

It does cost more than most of the other platforms on this list, but I think if you need a more personal approach to learning for the exam, it is one of the best choices around.

Here are a few more features you can look forward to when you pay for any plan, as well as the prices:

If you’re interested in giving E2 a try, you can check it out here, and remember to use discount code: EGGSPERT for 20% off until 20th April 2022.

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

4. TOEFL Vocab Cards

Check out TOEFL Vocab Cards on iOS
TOEFL Vocab Cards

One of the apps I also really like is called TOEFL Vocab Cards. The great thing about this app is that it is really simple to use and has a lot of excellent features for learning what you need to know to pass the TOEFL examination.

When you first start the app, it provides you with quite a busy home screen that lets you try out various features such as 400 vocabulary words to memorize, both written and audio-driven examples. You can also view them as flashcards if you want a more streamlined experience.

At the bottom of the homepage, you have the opportunity to do three different tests, labeled A, B, and C. These are great to test your knowledge after all the words you have learned to this point.

The other thing to note is that the free version has adverts by default, although you can remove them but for, you’ll need to pay $3.99, overall I guess it is reasonable, but other, better apps out there do more for free, so you should weigh up your options here.

Here are the best parts of TOEFL Vocal Cards:

  • Very simple, appEasy to use
  • Vocabulary learning with 400 words
  • 400 flashcards

The app is available on mobile only and is accessible on iOS and Android, so they’ve got you covered on whichever device you have.

Google and Apple

Give it a go and see how this app can be a good supporting tool amongst other more heavy-duty apps in your studying program for the TOEFL.

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

5. Magoosh TOEFL Test Preparation

Magoosh lesson

So, we have already looked at Magoosh flashcards, which are one of my favorite tools for mobile, but what about if you need a more in-depth learning experience and one that provides more cohesive studying features? Well, that is where the full version of Magoosh TOEFL prep comes in.

Magoosh is honestly one of the largest and most well-known educational companies on the planet, with a ream of different applications to help you across numerous exams, including TOEFL.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial which gives you two questions to test yourself for speaking and listening, but if you want proper practice tests, more data to navigate through on your dashboard, and more learning opportunities, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of Magoosh that you’ll love:

  • Lots of video lessons (even in the free version
  • Easy to listen to content
  • A wealth of experience from TOEFL experts such as Lucas Fink. 
  • Simple lesson layouts with straightforward instructions
  • Great methodology about TOEFL logic and question structure
  • Detailed explanations
  • Accurate practice tests

I would definitely recommend Magoosh if you need more in-depth tuition. The content on offer is worth the tuition alone.

As mentioned earlier, you can start with a 7-day trial.

After this has ended, you can opt for one of the various paid plans seen above, but I would personally go for the 6-month plan priced at $139.00, as it offers the best deal.

Also, Magoosh offers crazy random deals, e.g., I went on their site, clicked on the TOEFL page, and ended up with a 20% discount.

If you want to give Magoosh a try, check it out here.

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

6. TOEFL Listening

TOEFL Listening on iOS
TOEFL Listening on iOS

Another app that I like for iOS and Android is one I actually found entirely by accident and is called TOEFL listening.

As you can tell, this app is aimed at the listening section of the TOEFL and provides a simple yet effective way of learning and practicing a variety of words that will help you get a great score on the exam.

The app starts with ten bubbles with five questions in each one. You need to listen to a voice recording on each bank of questions, which will provide you with the answers you need to the five questions.

When looking at the best apps for TOEFL preparation, I think this app fits in pretty nicely, to be honest. After completing the first ten questions, the remaining will be unlocked up to 25 bubbles.

I like the simplistic way of teaching, as there is an element of gamification with needing to compete and unlock the hidden questions, which made it more fun than some other apps.

Here are some of TOEFL Listening’s core features:

  • Easy to use interface 
  • Nice simple gamification
  • Good selection of question
  • Simple results screen

If you are looking for a mobile app that truly focuses on the listening aspect of the TOEFL exam, definitely give TOEFL listening a chance, I would highly recommend it.

If you need something simple and very stripped back, this is the app. Still, if you need a more wholesome educational experience, such as Magoosh, I will say you may be disappointed with the app’s limitations and be pining for something more.

I personally use this app a couple of times a week, where I can use it to revise words, but I use other apps to support my learning experience, which I feel is the best way to accomplish a successful outcome.

This app is only available on iOS. 

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

7. Udemy


One of our last course vendors that we highly recommend for TOEFL prep, and that you know from other posts on this blog, is Udemy.

Udemy has a ton of courses geared toward the TOEFL exam and provides a great experience when it comes to learning the various aspects needed to get a great score.

Udemy is arguably the largest MOOC (Massive open online course) company out there in the marketplace today, and the courses available relating to the TOEFL are good.

I sound a little surprised because Udemy course quality can sometimes be hit and miss, but with these, I was pretty impressed with how high quality the content and production are.

Whether you want a full course curriculum or you need an entire prep course over a few days, Udemy has what you need.

One of my favorite courses is by Maria Guryeva, who takes you through each step of the TOEFL, providing great tips for how to ace the exam, and focuses on the things you need to know in a down to earth way, utilizing storytelling to get her points across to learners.

The TOEFL courses on Udemy at the time of writing this post seem to be around the $13-$18 mark, where you pay and get lifetime access.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Udemy could be an excellent choice for TOEFL prep:

  • Pretty cheap courses for exam prep
  • Lifetime access
  • Great instructor quality
  • Simple to sign up for and access
  • Knowledgeable tutors

If you are looking for a reputable, mature company with an excellent array of course options for TOEFL, then Udemy is your choice.

To get started, briefly sign up with your Google account, type TOEFL into the main search bar, find the course you want and make your purchase.

I have used Udemy tons of times for various learning and professional development needs, and it has pretty much every time hit the nail on the head. I would definitely recommend if you want quick, to the point, just in time learning, give Udemy a try, and let us at Taughtup know how you get on. The experience you get is, on the whole, pretty great, as well as having so much content to choose from. 

If you want to use the mobile app, the great thing is it is available on both iOS and Android. 

Google and Apple

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

Other considerations

Some other options that may be something to think about are accredited organizations such as The Princeton Review. These educational programs are clearly going to provide a much more structured learning experience with ongoing tuition from experienced teachers.

This direction of study will be great for some things, such as private 1:1 tuition, which will allow you to learn at your own pace without the distractions of other students in a class.

But the downside is that all of these programs will be paid products and are not cheap, but if it is affordable, it may be worth it.

To put it in perspective, The Princeton Review charges $167 per hour for 1:1 tuition for the TOEFL to make plans, set goals, and exceed them.

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

What score should I be aiming for?

All of the methods discussed in this post, whether free or paid, will be able to help you in your pursuit of the perfect TOEFL score.

You should probably be aiming for a score of between 80 and 105, with 90 being a good overall score. It also depends on the institution that you wish to attend, there is a big difference between a state college vs. Harvard, so while attempting to get the best score you can, be realistic about what is possible to avoid adding too much stress to an already stressful situation.

Make yourself an excellent prep plan, and you should put yourself in a good place to succeed and get the score you want.

Best apps for TOEFL preparation (No. 5 is exceptional)

Final Thoughts

So, after looking at 7 of our favorite TOEFL test prep apps and services and some established online schools, you have a lot of different ideas for how you can adequately prepare for the TOELS test.

It isn’t an either/or decision when deciding which to choose. You will more than likely use a primary platform as your main method of learning the words and phrases needed for the TOEFL and probably have a smaller app as a supporting tool to help you with additional learning.

Make sure that you choose the platform that you believe will get you the result you need.

It’s crucial to be aware that whichever you choose, learning tech alone will not get you where you need to be, it’s important to build a solid study plan and, most importantly, stick to it.

A study plan can be a schedule of how long you will spend on each of the four sections of the TOEFL exam, or it can be more in-depth. For example, this could be, e.g., where you go into detail about what exactly you will learn, how many words you will memorize, what apps you will use, write out an itinerary, and a glossary of terms.

These are all ideas you can use to put yourself in the right place to succeed and reach your educational goals.

Lastly, if it is affordable, definitely look into if private tutoring will work for you. It will arguably provide the greatest results due to having teacher direction to guide you through the entire process and prepare you for the TOEFL.

We wish you luck in your examination preparation. We hope that this list of best apps for TOEFL preparation has helped you narrow down which technology to try that will hopefully help you in your studies.

If you choose one of our recommendations and it works well for you, we would love to hear from you to understand what worked well and maybe what didn’t.

Overall, by following this guide and using some of the applications we have listed here, you are sure to smash it.

Chow for now!

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