12 Best Online Coaching Platforms in 2024

As your business grows, keeping track of all your clients gets really tough. It’s increasingly difficult to give each one a personalized experience. That’s where online coaching platforms come in. These tools help with the business processes so you can provide the best possible results. Whether for life coaching or career coaching, you need a platform that’s not just any tool but one that makes providing effective coaching easy.

Some coaching software is great for the administrative side of things, but not all are created equal. If you’re interested in finding an online coaching platform that fits just right, this blog is for you. In this guide, we will discuss the top 10 best online coaching platforms.

best online coaching platform

An online coaching platform is a digital tool for running your coaching business on the Internet. These platforms provide features like sales, scheduling, and video meetings, making it easier for you to manage everything from one place. There are two main types of these platforms: marketplace platforms and white-label platforms.

Marketplace platforms are big online stores where people can find and hire coaches. White-label platforms let you create your own brand and attract clients without competing with others. This way, you have a unique space just for your audience.

Things to Consider In Online Coaching Platforms

When you’re looking for an online coaching platform, it’s all about picking the right features that fit your business needs. Here’s a breakdown of common options you might consider:

Marketing Options

Think about Marketing options like email integration, sales pages, and build packages. These help you create a marketing funnel or a coaching sales funnel to draw in more clients and offer them your services in the best way.


Group Coaching offers different prices and serves many people at once, making it more affordable than 1:1 coaching. Ensure the platform can handle groups, organize members, and still provide a personal touch.

Sales Options

Sales options are key to making money. Look for features that let you sell in different currencies and offer bundles, products, discounts, and free trials. This makes it easier to reach an international audience and offers varied pricing, which can attract more customers.


A good Community feature helps grow your business by connecting clients. Pick a platform that allows discussions, content sharing, and networking. This creates a network effect where everyone benefits from each other.


Courses are the best option for those who want to scale their reach. An online course platform should let coaches build engaging courses, which might be live or pre-recorded. This option helps you teach more people at once, which is great for growing your business.

Apps and Access

Lastly, Apps and Access are crucial. The online coaching platform should have an app that helps you serve your clients effectively. If it doesn’t, you might want to look elsewhere. An app can make access to your coaching more convenient for clients, boosting their engagement and satisfaction.

Top 12 Best Online Coaching Platforms

Now, let’s discuss the 12 online coaching platforms in detail.


best online coaching platform
Credit: Kajabi

Kajabi is the number one online coaching platform. It offers features that help coaches easily run the business. With Kajabi, you can create income streams by offering courses, digital downloads, and live group coaching programs. You can also schedule meetings, send invoices, and manage coaching calls. This platform lets you track your client’s progress, making it a top choice for many coaching platforms.

Kajabi allows you to host your coaching funnels and business website. You can add courses and use templates to design your coaching practice. It has similar features to other platforms, but the ability to manage coaching funnels, sell online courses, and host digital downloads sets it apart. The price is $149 per month, making it a solid investment for any serious coach.


best online coaching platform
Credit: Simply.Coach

For coaches, Simply. Coach is a top choice. This platform offers great business management tools to help build action plans, set goals, and share resources. On the client side, it offers tools to design action plans, monitor your client’s progress, and set up a client workspace.

On the business side, Simply. Coach handles the basics like scheduling, invoicing, and contracts. It helps you keep track of everything with ease. The price is just $9 per month, making it a very affordable option for any coach looking to streamline their coaching practice.

Nudge Coach

best online coaching platform
Credit: Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is a coaching platform with a different approach. It is not a traditional coaching management solution. With Nudge, you can build your coaching app, making creating a coaching program easy and fun. You can use content cards and automated sequences to make your program interactive. You can also easily manage group programs.

Nudge Coach is a unique solution that puts your coaching program in your clients’ pockets. The mobile app allows you to create custom coaching programs and manage them. The instant messaging feature helps you stay in touch with your clients. The free version is for up to 5 clients, and the premium version costs $60 per month.


best online coaching platform
Credit: Thinkific

Thinkific helps coaches monetize their knowledge. Its drag-and-drop editor and well-designed templates allow you to create courses, memberships, etc., in under 24 hours and get them ready to sell. You can also schedule content, host webinars, and even give students certifications at the end of the course.

Thinkific offers a standalone online course delivery platform with beautiful course templates to choose from and built-in social sharing features so students can share their achievements. You can measure and reward students’ progress. The price is free for one course, and pro versions start at $36 per month. This makes it a good solution for coaches who want to create and sell their courses.

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Mighty Networks

best online coaching platform
Credit: Mighty Network

Mighty Networks is a great online community and membership platform. It allows you to sign up for free, and according to your niche, you can customize your community portal. You can chat, sell stuff, and share videos and tips on Mighty Networks. It’s also great for setting up paid courses, events, and resource libraries.

Mighty Networks is perfect for community management and as a course delivery hub. You can engage your audience with great content and use Mighty Networks to manage everything in one platform. The price starts at $33 per month, making it easy to try out this powerful platform.


best online coaching platform
Credit: Zoom

Video calls are really important for coaches, and Zoom is one of the best tools for online meetings. Many coaches use Zoom because it’s simple and has cool features like recording calls. With a paid plan, you can have up to 1000 people join a Zoom call, which is perfect for big coaching groups.

You can record your sessions to watch again later, send out invites for meetings, and show your screen during live lessons. Zoom is free to start, and the paid plans begin at $149 per year. It’s a great tool for any coach who wants to run quality online sessions.


best online coaching platform
Credit: Profi

Profi is a one-stop platform for managing your coaching business and offering services online. It includes a video call feature, so you don’t need any other software to chat with your clients. Switching between admin and client views is super easy, and you can set up a booking page where clients can schedule their own one-on-one or group sessions.

With Profi, you can send secure messages and forms, like a Life Satisfaction Quiz, to get your clients’ updates. You can also offer various session types and design programs that include online courses, videos, reading materials, and follow-up questions. Plus, setting up recurring payments and memberships is very easy. The plans begin at $59 per month, and they also offer a 30-day free trial.


best online coaching platform
Credit: Coaching Loft

CoachingLoft is a great coaching management platform with many features. It helps with scheduling, automating invoices, managing coaching agreements, and tracking client progress. You can also advertise your services in its public directory. CoachingLoft provides secure online storage for client documents.

What makes CoachingLoft unique is its mission to plant 25,000 trees by 2025. By subscribing, you support this mission. The price is only $1 per month for two clients, and there are higher tiers for unlimited clients at $25 per month. 

Coach Catalyst

best online coaching platform
Credit: Coach Catalyst

Coach Catalyst was created by gym owners in 2015 to help them grow their businesses without losing the personal touch with clients. It’s a platform that helps coaches boost client results and makes it easier for them to expand their online presence. The main users are gym owners and health and fitness coaches. Its mobile app, MyCoach, helps keep clients on track by monitoring their healthy habits.

Coach Catalyst comes with over 30 ready-to-use programs that you can customize to fit your health and fitness needs. You can monitor client progress, ensure they’re meeting their goals, and communicate through the platform using texts, voice messages, and video clips. The service costs $39 a month for up to 12 clients, and it offers a 14-day free trial that lets you try all the features without entering your credit card details.


best online coaching platform
Credit: BetterUp

BetterUp is a place where coaches can sell their services to businesses. When you join BetterUp, you can give one-on-one coaching to professionals. The platform matches you with clients who need a business coach or an executive coach, which is great for coaches just starting and wanting to get noticed.

At BetterUp, you can improve your coaching skills while also growing professionally. It’s a simple way to make money from your coaching work. You can choose when you want to work, set your prices per hour, and build your own coaching business. If you’re a certified coach, you can join as a freelancer and take advantage of courses and events to get better at what you do. BetterUp is free to join, and it pays you for your coaching sessions.


best online coaching platform
Credit: Teachable

If you’ve maxed out your private coaching clients, Teachable is the best way to grow your income. You can create a coaching course, package, or program and turn it into an online self-study program. Teachable is another of the best online course platforms that help you create and host your content easily without coding or design skills. You can create a beautiful course using their easy drag-and-drop course builder.

Teachable has tools for group programs and live coaching. You can track your client’s progress and use feedback quizzes and a comments function to make learning better. It helps you sell services, products, e-books, and webinars. You can sync with mailing list software for easy course sales. The price starts with a free version for one course and ten students, and premium versions cost $39 per month.

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best online coaching platform
Credit: Paperbell

Paperbell is great for handling the business side of coaching. It lets you set up coaching packages that clients can buy online, arrange your schedule for bookings, and keep all your client information in one spot. The software has a really good free trial offer and many features.

Paperbell makes it easy to handle payments for coaching packages, including offering payment plans, discounts, and flexible pricing options. Clients can choose their appointment times, set gaps between appointments, and limit booking times in advance. You can have clients sign contracts online with e-signatures. It also adds intake surveys at the start of the booking process. The Centralized Client Dashboard lets you see each client’s purchase history, total spending, upcoming meetings, and personal notes. Paperbell is also equipped for group coaching, creating landing pages to advertise your programs, and including digital downloads like PDFs in your coaching packages. The service is free for your first client, and then it’s $50 a month for unlimited clients and packages.

Final Thoughts

When picking the best online coaching platform, it’s crucial to choose one that makes running your business easy. Keep things simple and go with the platform that feels right for you at the moment. Remember, you can always switch to another platform later if necessary. Choosing the right platform is a key step in creating a thriving coaching business. Ultimately, the success of your coaching business depends on your overall approach. Make sure to pick a platform that fits well with your goals and makes managing your business simple.

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