Is Busuu Free in 2024? Unbelievable Facts in This Latest Busuu Review

Busuu stands out in the world of language learning platforms. Known globally, it has more than 100 million registered users. Many are curious to know that when compared to other apps, it is effective if someone wants to achieve fluency in any specific language. So, in this article, we will discuss busuu in detail. We will also help you figure out if is busuu free or if it is the right fit for you.

Yes, Busuu has a free version that you can download and use, but it only gives you limited access to their language learning materials. If you want to use all of Busuu’s features, you need to pay.

What is Busuu?

Busuu is just like Duolingo. These are the names that you have often heard in language learning platforms. They offer a chance to learn languages online. 

You get access to their courses through a phone app or a website on your desktop computer. To learn a new language, you only need an internet connection and some willpower. Both Busuu and Duolingo use a gamified approach, making learning less chaotic. 

They provide free and premium plans, depending on your needs. While there are many similarities in their content and teaching style, each has unique features that are best for different preferences.

How Does Busuu Work?

is busuu free

Busuu breaks down its courses into four levels: Beginner A1, Elementary A2, Intermediate B1, and Upper Intermediate B2. These levels cover popular languages like Spanish and English, plus they also provide lessons for Advanced C1. It is based on the (CEFR) Common European Framework of Reference; that tells you are good at a specific language.

It’s not just about different languages like French or Chinese. Each person gets their plan, fitting their goal and how much time they can spend learning per day.

Need more help? Busuu Live is there for you. It’s a personal tutoring service you get with a Premium membership. This flexible program lets you talk to a tutor, learn more from the content, get in-depth explanations, and practice speaking the new language. You can book these sessions for up to 45 minutes per your schedule.

Who Is Busuu For?

Busuu Review

Busuu is for anyone who wants to try an app for learning languages. It works well for different kinds of people. If you are busy but have a few minutes to spare, Busuu is good. It has short lessons you can fit into your day. 

The app is fun, especially the free version. You learn new words and phrases easily, almost like playing a game on your phone. It’s good for those who need a nudge to study regularly. The app sends reminders. It’s not too pushy but gives a helpful push. 

If you want to get better at speaking, Busuu has a speech recognition tool. However, this is an excellent option if you want to talk to native speakers but are a bit shy. Or if you like learning on a computer, Busuu has that too. The desktop version is easy to use with a keyboard control system. So, whether you like apps or prefer a web version, Busuu moves with you through the lessons.

Busuu Free vs Premium

Let’s discuss the difference between the busuu free vs busuu premium plan.

The Busuu Free Plan Review

The free plan from Busuu is great for beginners. It offers lessons in the form of flashcards to help you learn new words and build your vocabulary. This version stands out among other language learning apps, like Duolingo or AnkiApp. 

It helps you grasp how to form sentences with examples from real-life situations. This is crucial for anyone starting to learn. You get the basic words that are important and relevant. As you keep learning, your vocabulary list expands. Soon, you’ll know enough to use in everyday conversations.

The Busuu Premium Plan Review

If you’re really serious about learning a language, you might want to consider paying for Busuu Premium. This plan gives you access to a lot more content. It’s worth it for the vocabulary flashcards, grammar lessons, and exercises. 

Plus, there are audio dialogues to help improve listening skills. You also get reading and writing activities and quizzes. With Busuu Premium, you can join the Busuu community and connect with native speakers. They give feedback on your speaking and writing skills. 

Want more? Choose Premium Plus. This gets you an official certificate to prove or validate what you’ve achieved at each CEFR level. It’s really awesome.

How Much Does Busuu Premium Cost?

Busuu offers premium plans with three different price plans. You can choose from subscriptions for 3-month, 12-month, or 24-month periods. A longer subscription means a lower monthly rate. 

Premium plan cost:

  • Pay $13.95 each month.
  • Choose a half-yearly option at $8.45 monthly, costing $50.70 every six months.
  • Yearly subscription is $4.87 per month, total annual charge is $58.38.

With Premium, if you pay more upfront, you save more. You can cancel or renew anytime. Busuu gives full language learning content under Premium. The prices seem standard and fair for the commitment you make. So, if you are committed to learning a new language, the prices feel reasonable. Once paid, you get access for the whole period.

Advantages of Busuu

  • Clear grammar explanations on Busuu, easy and short.
  • Language lessons for real-life talks, both formal and everyday words.
  • Good reading and listening exercises from real situations.
  • Learn at your speed and finish courses faster than in school.
  • Busuu app and website are fun and easy to use, with a game-like feel.
  • Connect with native speakers on the app, which is great for practice.

Disadvantages of Busuu

  • Only 14 languages are available, fewer than other platforms.

Final Thoughts

The paid version of Busuu is highly recommended for those serious about learning. While the free version provides fun. The best aspect of Busuu is its focus on practice in speaking and teaching authentic native expressions. 

Some areas need improvements, yet the opportunity to interact with native speakers through the app, using the prompts provided, is invaluable. 

The free version is somewhat limited but with various options for lessons, offline availability, and more interactive lessons, a subscription to Busuu could be worth a chance. Its social features also stand out, offering enhanced learning experiences.


What is Busuu?

Busuu is an app for learning languages. It has 14 languages. You learn in small lessons at your own speed.

Does Busuu offer a student discount?

Yes, students get 20% off on Premium plans.

What languages does Busuu offer?

Busuu teaches 14 languages: Spanish, English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, and Korean.

Does Busuu have a free trial?

No free trial. But they have a free Basic plan with fewer features.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, cancel anytime. You keep access until the billing cycle ends.

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