How to Start a Mastermind Group: Detailed Guide in 2024

In the last ten years, mastermind groups have grown from a small practice among a few entrepreneurs to a significant, popular movement. They’re not just a short trend; they’re powerful and change how their members grow and succeed. The idea started with Napoleon Hill, who coined this term in the early 1900s after seeing how the most successful people didn’t do things alone. They worked together with others and helped each other get better and reach their goals.

If you’re thinking about starting a mastermind and need help figuring out how to start, focus on bringing the right people together and teaching what you know. In this blog, we will share the secret about how to start a mastermind group.

how to start a mastermind group

Let’s discuss, step by step, how to start a mastermind group and how to make it successful.

1. Make the Initial Vision

how to start a mastermind group

First, when you start your mastermind group, create a tentative big purpose statement. This helps encourage a sense of community. What your group looks like should reflect a shared calling. Let’s first keep this purpose statement loose. This way, you can adjust as your group grows and evolves. Bring everyone together and make sure all members have a total buy-in. This purpose statement will help bring your group closer, forming tight-knit connections that run deep. It’s one of the best things about mastermind groups; they run on a shared big purpose.

2. Choosing the Right Members

how to start a mastermind group

Second, another thing you should do when starting a mastermind group is consider potential members. Unlike online communities open to anyone to join, mastermind groups are usually made up of selected people. Meeting and getting members may take time and effort, but it’s worth it for the quality you’ll get. Look for common domain interests, like small-business owners with experience to share and a strong desire for improvement. Openness and kindness are vital qualities to consider, too.

3. Establishing a Shared Purpose

how to start a mastermind group

The first time you bring your group together, it’s an excellent opportunity to check if everyone is on the same page. Run your big purpose statement by the group to reach an agreement. It’s going to need everybody’s buy-in. Please ensure all group members know what they are committing to and are ready to make changes. This step will help ensure your group starts strong with a clear, shared goal.

4. Selecting the Right Platform

how to start a mastermind group

A key point in this collective journey is choosing a platform to host our community. From previous examples, picking the right platform adds excellent value. It lets you bring the most essential discussions together and helps you stay in touch between meetings. Ensure the space is set up to support all your needs and have a good foundation for communication and growth.

5. Creating a Strong Foundation for Your Mastermind

how to start a mastermind group

When you establish your group, setting community guidelines is crucial. These rules help you deal with important subjects like respect and safety. A community like this often requires that everyone take their commitment seriously. This means only missing a meeting if it’s for something extreme. They invest time building deep connections among members in it for the long haul. This together approach ensures everyone feels valued and committed.

6. Ensuring Commitment and Covering Costs

how to start a mastermind group

When setting up your mastermind group, charging money can help pay for group expenses like the platform or a moderator’s time and preparation. This approach not only covers costs but also adds deeper value. Members putting money in the group increases their chances of taking the group more seriously. It’s about ensuring everyone values the real monetary value of being part of such online communities.

7. Finding the Right Balance

how to start a mastermind group

Deciding how often to meet in your mastermind group is key. Don’t meet too often, it can take too much time and make people unhappy. Giving members time between meetings helps them actually do what was talked about. Meeting once a month or every three months might be better. It lets members see real progress instead of rushing every week.

8. Setting Effective Duration

how to start a mastermind group

Some mastermind groups last forever, but others say it’s good to have a finish line. Consider setting a time limit for your group, like three months, six months, or a year. Decide to end it then, or talk about whether you want to keep going. Having a time limit helps keep your group focused and gives members a chance to leave if they’re not benefiting. It also lets you take a break and consider whether you want to start again.

9. Keeping Them on Track

how to start a mastermind group

The second last step to consider when creating a mastermind group is how your meetings will be organized. A meeting usually lasts from one to two hours each month. To use this time well, set a clear meeting structure so no one person takes over the discussion. It’s important to tell all the members about this structure. Sometimes, you can ask a few members to talk about a problem they are facing and get help from the group. Each month, give a new person a chance to speak. You can also let everyone in the group discuss what’s hard for them or what they have learned. Also, it allows members to set goals for the next meeting. This setup helps keep all your meetings valuable and organized.

10. Start The Process

how to start a mastermind group

Unlike other communities that slowly evolve as they go, a mastermind group usually needs a lot of work upfront. But once that’s done, the only step left is to take a start. Gather your members for the first meeting and begin the exciting process of growing together. This step marks the transition from planning to action, setting the foundation for what your group can achieve together.

Reason To Start Mastermind Group

how to start a mastermind group

Here are five simple reasons to start a mastermind group:

  1. Get Better at What You Do: Join if you’re good at something and want to improve by learning from others who are also skilled.
  2. Learn Different Things: You’ll meet people who know much about other topics, which can help you learn new things.
  3. Keep the Group Specific: Make sure your group has a clear focus, like “real estate investors,” so everyone can benefit more.
  4. Meet New People: A mastermind group can help you make new friends and find new opportunities to grow your business or career.
  5. Stay Motivated: The group helps you stay on track with your goals because you meet regularly and discuss your progress.

Reason To Not Start Mastermind Group

how to start a mastermind group

Here are five simple reasons you might not want to start a mastermind group:

  1. You’re a Beginner: If you’re new to your field, you might find it challenging to be seen as an equal by experts. It’s better to have some experience to contribute valuable insights.
  2. You Want to Teach: Mastermind groups are about everyone learning from each other, not one person teaching. If you’re looking to teach, consider starting a coaching business instead.
  3. You Can’t Commit: These groups need everyone, including you, to be committed and show up regularly. If you can’t do that, this might not be for you.
  4. You Have Personal Issues to Sort: Mastermind groups aren’t for dealing with personal problems. It’s better to sort these out before joining or creating a group.
  5. You Don’t Know Interested People: Before starting a mastermind group, you need other interested people. Ensure you have a network that is excited to join.

Final Thoughts

Starting a mastermind group is a rewarding journey that begins with bringing people together and setting clear goals. Following these steps and staying committed can create a supportive community where members can learn, grow, and achieve their dreams together. So gather your group, start your meetings, and watch as your mastermind flourishes with each step forward.

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