Instructional Design

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What You Need To Know About Instructional Design

Instructional design is a fundamental piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a training program for your employees or students. 

There are numerous instructional design models that a designer can follow, e.g. ADDIE or SAM which can guide you through the design and development processes to enable you to create your content ina  way that is robust but also works within your project guidelines. 

Instructional design is a method of identifying skills and knowledge gaps and developing targeted learning experiences to close the highlighted gaps using evidence-based learning theories and methodologies.

Field knowledge or formal education are great building blocks to succeed in instructional design, but developing your own style will be crucial to separating you from other designers when looking for work. 

Check out our posts below on instructional design concepts, ways if working as well as tips and tricks to assist you in your journey as a learning design expert.

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