Is a Busuu Certificate Valid

BusuuWith the growing popularity of self-scheduled, online language learning programs, Busuu has risen in the estimation of educators and businesses alike! The question is, is a Busuu certificate valid? 

Many companies worldwide consider a Busuu certificate a valid proof of a learned language in potential employees. This is because the Busuu certificate is earned according to the internationally accepted standard of the McGraw-Hill Foundation’s Common European Framework of Reference.

In this article, we’ll not only generally explore Busuu but understand how the CEFR accredits it and how corporations may look at a Busuu certification!

What is Busuu

If you’re going to understand the answer to the question “is a Busuu certificate valid?” you’ll need to know what Busuu is, so let’s jump in. 

Busuu is an online language-learning service created by Chegg, Inc. Chegg, Inc. is responsible for plenty of study resources, such as E-Textbooks, Questions and Answers for various classes, and, of course,!

Busuu offers live, online classes taught by language experts for over 100 languages worldwide. It does this through its website in addition to its mobile phone app. 

The service is provided for both business purposes and education purposes. 

The Business Premium access of Busuu allows a client to learn over ten different languages, offers certifications (as discussed below!), and even allows administrators of the business to manage the licenses and teams of employees using the service.

Busuu’s core benefits come from the following service traits:

  • Live LessonsThese lessons are taught in a variety of ways online, including one-on-one practice sessions or large group classes. They are also offered at several different levels of language expertise so that the client using Busuu can be worked with on their own terms and availability.
  • Study PlanningThe Busuu service offers its clients a section to plan their own method of studying and set up alerts and reminders on their devices to practice what they’ve learned. The software keeps track of words the client may not know thoroughly enough and helps prioritize what part of the language should be studied more.
  • Language-Learning Community: One part of Busuu that is particularly useful is the community it puts learners in touch with. Not only through classes but through the services.
  • Communicative features: learners can get in touch with one another and practice speaking their learned languages together!
  • Certifications Busuu offers a test which, if passed, allows clients to receive a Certificate that validates what language they’ve learned according to the Common European Framework of Reference, or CEFR. It is important to note that only those who purchase a premium version of Busuu’s services can receive a certification.

How Do Companies View Busuu Certificates for Corporate Work?

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With Busuu offering so much, it can be tempting to sign up and begin learning straight away! However, if you’re hoping to use this service in your career, the question remains: is a Busuu certificate valid? If so, you’ll want to know whether or not companies value these certificates on a corporate level. Read on to see how the accreditation of Busuu services works!

Accreditation for Busuu Certificates

When we think about “is a Busuu certificate valid, maybe we should look a little at the company’s history. In 2015, partnered with the McGraw-Hill foundation to provide certifications in languages called “CEFR.”

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The CEFR standard for learning languages is recognized on an international level, both by corporations and education systems. It tracks the certified individual’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills using a language they have learned. It also tests grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

The CEFR has a few proficiency levels by which they organize their test. These are as follow

  • Basic User – A basic user covers both A1 and A2, or Beginner and Elementary levels. At A1, users can recognize and use common phrases in another language, introduce themselves, and have simple interactions. At A2, a learner can grow these phrases and interactions beyond the basic level.
  • Independent User – An independent user covers both B1 and B2 levels, or Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels. At B1, learners can easily travel to places where the language is spoken, write simply, and describe more personal aspects of their lives. At B2, they can understand complex writing and write more fluently themselves.
  • Proficient User – A proficient user covers both C1 and C2, or Advanced and Proficiency levels. At C1, a learner can not only understand more in quantity but can use the language themselves in more professional situations. At C2, a learner is close to fluency in both hearing and reading and can summarize many information points.

In answer to the question “is a Busuu certificate valid,” especially concerning how corporations may view them, the McGraw-Hill’s CEFR standard Busuu offers is considered excellent proof of a potential employee’s education in languages.

For example, CEFR is recognized in countries like Canada, Mexico, Japan, and, of course, Europe. According to the ESL Language and Travel website, a B2-level certification on the CEFR, which Busuu offers, can be used in applying for a job as a nurse or most other service opportunities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition, according to the Busuu website, more than 500 organizations around the globe accept and utilize the Bussuu services and certifications for their employees. Therefore, it is safe to say that most corporations worldwide view Busuu certificates as valid and favorable when hiring employees.

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How Are the Busuu Certificates Accepted?


Busuu only offers CEFR certification in Spanish, English, German, and French. The lowest grade someone can receive is a C- while the highest remains an A+!

When this certification has been earned, it can be downloaded digitally and printed out as a PDF file. The results can also be posted to LinkedIn or other social media accounts that are popularly linked to businesses, such as or Twitter.

Hiring coordinators can either be sent a link or mailed a copy of the PDF Busuu certification when listed on a resume or any of these websites.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, let’s answer our tiitle question, “Is a Busuu certificate valid?”, well, a Busuu learned-language certification is offered on many levels. It is accredited by the CERF, which is internationally renowned. If the Busuu certification received is at a CERF level of C1, very few corporations would fail to recognize it as valid proof of a learned language!

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