10 Best Affordable Kajabi Alternative in 2024

Kajabi is known for being a popular platform among single-course creators because it’s an effective LMS. It makes the creation and selling of courses easier. But what if you need more than what Kajabi offers? Like an advanced solution that fits your teaching style better?
Sometimes, Kajabi doesn’t have everything, even though it has many good features and capabilities. It’s good, but maybe not great for everyone. That’s why it’s worth looking at other options. In this article, we will discuss top 10 Kajabi alternatives. Let’s find out what Kajabi lacks and check out other choices that might match your teaching flow or help you meet your sales goals better.

Credit: Kajabi

Kajabi is an online platform made for course creators and entrepreneurs. It helps you make and sell digital content, like online courses. The technology in Kajabi is all about making it easy to start and run a successful online business.
With Kajabi, you can create not just online courses but also podcasts, memberships, coaching sessions, and communities. It’s handy for handling contacts, taking payments, and looking at analytics to help grow your business. You can also set up websites, make web pages, send emails, and create funnels.
Kajabi aims to give users everything they need for a successful online business in one place. Kajabi launched in 2010, and it has helped over 50,000 knowledge entrepreneurs from many countries. They’ve reached millions of learners and made impressive sales.

Kajabi Pricing

When looking for a Kajabi alternative, understanding Kajabi’s pricing plans is key. These plans are made to fit with your business and budget. The basic plan is $149, good for starting or keeping your business in operation.
Next is the Growth plan at $199. It’s designed to boost your audience and what you offer. It’s a popular choice. The Pro plan costs $399 and adds advanced features for bigger teams and business setups. Good to know: Kajabi doesn’t charge extra for setup and transaction fees. Many customers feel the platform gives great value for its price.

Kajabi Alternatives: A Quick Suggestion

  • Podia
  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Kartra
  • Mighty Networks
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • FreshLearn
  • ClickFunnels
  • LearnWorlds

Why Look for a Kajabi Alternative?

Kajabi is the best premium course platform for those looking to create, market, and sell their knowledge online. It’s known for being easy to use, effective, and having good pricing and support. But no platform is perfect. Kajabi has its downsides, too, which you might have seen in some Kajabi reviews.
One issue is the page builder. It takes a lot of clicks to get to the settings and elements you want. Their email platform could be stronger. And, if you need to connect with other tools, be ready for additional costs. Plus, Kajabi is only for selling digital products. If you want to sell physical products or merchandise, you can’t do it here. So, if these things matter to you, it’s a good idea to look for an alternative to Kajabi.

Top 10 Best Kajabi Alternatives

Now, let’s discuss the best alternative for kajabi in detail.


teachable alternatives
Credit: Podia

Podia is the go-to choice for creative entrepreneurs looking to turn their passions into profits. With nearly a decade of experience, Podia offers user-friendly tools for selling online courses, memberships, digital downloads, and subscriptions. What sets Podia apart is its creators-first approach, making the software feel friendly and personal, not robotic. The close-knit remote team at Podia is dedicated to ensuring your success, providing the functionality of multiple tools at an affordable price, all while keeping things beautifully simple.

  • Reason to Choose Podia: We chose Podia because it’s easy to use. It has a built-in program to help others promote stuff and earn money.  Plus, they have great customer support. 


teachable alternatives
Credit: Thinkific

Thinkific makes it easy to share what you know. You can make your own courses and membership sites. This platform helps you keep your audience interested with lots of different options. You can teach more and more learners without limits. They help you a lot and give you good support. You can use your custom domains and you can also pick different web themes. Thinkific also has live lessons, quizzes, events, and assignments. You can plan your course step by step with drip scheduling. There are also community spaces. They send notifications to keep everyone updated. You can also make product bundles, use coupons, and do cross-selling. Thinkific works with other trusted tools and gives you analytics to understand your audience level better.

  • Reason to Choose Thinkific: We selected Thinkific because it offers a relatively easy platform for creating and delivering courses quickly. It offer great learning experience for our users.


kajabi alternative
Credit: Teachable

When looking for a Kajabi alternative, Teachable also take a lead. It’s great for digital downloads, online courses, and coaching products. Starting on this platform is free and really simple. As you grow your knowledge business, Teachable gives you the right tools to build, manage, and scale up easily. Just create your product, set a price, and upload it on Teachable. Having spent years working closely with creators, Teachable has crafted features that help users find success and peace of mind. Their intuitive, drag-and-drop course builder and customizable sales page builder make things easier. Plus, they have direct integrations with many tools you might already use. For your learners, they offer features that drive engagement for better learning results.

  • Reason to Choose Teachable: We chose Teachable because it’s an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to launch courses quickly. It also offers video hosting for training courses and provides excellent customer service, making it a top choice if you are looking for a website like Kajabi.

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kajabi alternative
Credit: Kartra

Kartra stands out as a powerful Kajabi alternative for anyone aiming to create, manage, market, and sell online courses. It addresses the common frustration of using multiple, so it offers a solutions by offering an all-in-one service. This approach helps to minimize points of failure and reduce stress. With Kartra, users get to use their domain. The features includes page templates, integrated funnels, lead databases, campaigns, memberships, emails, videos, and forms. It’s a full package for both beginners and seasoned users, featuring a marketplace, easy checkouts, and secure handling of user data in the cloud. 

  • Reason to Choose Kartra: We chose Kartra because it’s simple to set up and offers multiple functions in a single platform, replacing the need for several different programs. This makes managing an online business easy.

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Mighty Networks

teachable alternatives
Credit: Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a great choice for course creators and entrepreneurs looking for a Kajabi alternative. It’s all about bringing people together in digital communities while also offering courses and memberships. You can use it on the web, Android, and iOS, so it works on almost any device. With Mighty Networks, you can set up a free community after that you can introduce paid membership, host live streaming, create online courses, and events, and even have dedicated course communities. The platform gives you lots of ways to connect with your members, like event series, cohort-based courses, chat communities, webpages, videos, and articles. These significant features offer more than just learning; they create engaging experiences and valuable insights.

  • Reason to Choose Mighty Networks: We selected Mighty Networks because it’s user-friendly, allowing user to create online communities easily. It supports different types of content and is designed with a focus on delivering value, making it an excellent choice for our needs.


teachable alternatives
Credit: Medium

Skillshare is a great Kajabi alternative for people who want to learn or teach creative skills and reach their personal or professional goals. It’s a place where teachers and experts share their knowledge. They can make money and grow their online business. Skillshare offers resources and support to course creators, with pro tips and techniques for teaching. You can learn or teach almost any topic. The platform helps you build and share your course and even track your classes. They even have new teacher programs to help start your journey to becoming a successful online instructor.

  • Reason to Choose Skillshare: We chose Skillshare because it’s simple to sign up and set up your account. It gives teachers a platform to share their knowledge easily, with stable features and effortless class creation. 


teachable alternatives
Credit: Udemy

Udemy stands out as a Kajabi alternative for online learning, attracting both students and professionals. As one of the popular platforms, it covers a wide range of topics taught by real-world experts. With over 213,000 online video courses, Udemy is a hub where instructors can teach and inspire learners while being rewarded for their knowledge sharing. The process to launch a course is user-friendly: you plan your curriculum, record a video, and you’re set to go. Udemy supports its instructors through its Instructor Support Team, which is ready to handle any queries or review test videos. Choosing Udemy means joining one of the largest online learning marketplaces, a smart solution for those expanding beyond traditional platforms.

  • Reason to Choose Udemy: We chose Udemy because it has a growing course selection and a large community. It’s easy to create courses, provides learner data, and reach a huge audience.

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kajabi alternative
Credit: FreshLearn

FreshLearn stands out as a Kajabi alternative for those looking to expand their online business. It’s best for sharing knowledge through courses, digital downloads and live workshops. This platform opens up a world of possibilities for educators and entrepreneurs. It includes a website builder, integrated payments, email marketing tools, and options for custom branding. You can also offer coupons and get reports and insights to understand your audience better. 

  • Reason to Choose FreshLearn: We selected FreshLearn because it’s simple to use, ensures a smooth course launch process, offers video hosting, and provides outstanding support.


kajabi alternative
Credit: ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels stands out as a dynamic Kajabi alternative for those aiming to build a successful online business. It’s a platform that helps both individuals and companies to grow by creating effective funnels. Ideal for businesses offering online courses, books, live events, or merchandise, ClickFunnels specializes in crafting a sales funnel to market and sell various products efficiently. Even if you’re not great with computer skills, it’s user-friendly for creating a smooth buying experience for customers, leading to more abundant sales. Getting started is easy with a 14-day free trial, and there’s a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

  • Reason to Choose ClickFunnels: We selected ClickFunnels due to its simple design, effective sales funnel capabilities, no-code landing and sales page creation, and reliable customer service.


teachable alternatives
Credit: LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is a standout choice for those wanting to build a high-converting course website. It’s perfect for crafting learning experiences that an audience will love. Whether you’re a chef, yoga instructor, or teacher, you can monetize your knowledge and passion. This platform makes it easy to sell courses,  memberships, course bundles, and subscriptions. You can make your offers more tempting with Upsell and cross-sell options, plus attractive offers and promotions. LearnWorlds comes packed with a user-friendly website builder, effective marketing tools, and affiliate programs. And handling checkout and payments? It’s all very simple. Plus, you get detailed analytics and reports to track success. These helpful features make LearnWorlds an incredible solution for anyone looking to create an online community and turn their knowledge into a source of recurring income.

  • Reason to Choose LearnWorlds: We chose LearnWorlds for its fast course creation, ever-improving platform, reliable website, and top-notch support. It’s the perfect choice for hassle-free online course development

Final Thoughts

Choosing a Kajabi alternative isn’t easy. You’ve got to think about what you really need. Podia, LearnWorlds, Teachable, etc are all good, but they’re different. Some are easy for starters, some are great for making learning fun, and some of them are best for marketing in terms of selling courses easily. There’s no perfect choice for everyone, so pick the one that fits what you want to do best.

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