Kajabi vs ClickFunnels: Which is Better For Your Business

Are you moving your business to the digital world or launching a new, exciting venture? Finding the right tools and platform is important for your success. Selecting an appropriate online platform can be time-consuming and often overwhelming. 

This article will help you to learn the differences and benefits of Kajabi vs ClickFunnels. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer idea of which one might be the better fit for your goals and business.

Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels are designed to help entrepreneurs convert their ideas into incredible businesses. Each platform offers features that target different audiences. In this breakdown of these popular platforms, we’ll see how ClickFunnels VS Kajabi stack against each other, guiding you on which can be the best among them for your business.

Let’s take a look at these two software in detail:


Credit: ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a tool that helps businesses make and manage good sales funnels. Started in 2014 by Russell Brunson, it’s now a favorite choice for marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

It’s like a step-by-step marketing strategy that leads potential customers to buy your product or service. ClickFunnels makes this easy with a simple drag-and-drop editor and lots of customizable templates. You can quickly make landing pages, order forms,  lead capture forms, and other parts of a sales funnel that match your brand and audience.

 In short, ClickFunnels is a full package for businesses wanting to do better in their marketing and get more online conversions.

ClickFunnels Key Features

Let’s have a look at the key features of ClickFunnels so that you can get a better idea.

1. Pre-built Sales Funnels

One of the best things about ClickFunnels is its pre-built sales funnels. They have specific funnels ready for different marketing needs, like getting new leads, making sales, or running an event or webinar. This saves you a lot of time and hassle.

2. Drag and Drop Editor

The drag-and-drop editor in ClickFunnels lets you personalize your sales/landing pages with different elements like order forms, pricing tables, videos, surveys, and more.

3. Pre-Designed Templates

All entrepreneurs can use ClickFunnels big collection of pre-made sales/landing page templates. They have everything from opt-in pages to sales pages, order forms, and even webinar/event pages. 

4. Advanced Customization Tools

ClickFunnels gives you advanced options like custom CSS, color adjustment, and padding adjustment so you can have more control over your sales page.

5. Page Pop-ups

To get more leads, ClickFunnels lets you add custom pop-ups to your pages. These can help you offer something special and get names and email addresses.

6. 1-click Upsells

With ClickFunnels, you can boost your average order value by offering extra products or services that customers can add with just one click during the checkout process.

7. A/B Split Testing

ClickFunnels lets you test and improve parts of your sales funnel. You can try out different headlines, pages, videos, and more, then track how well they do and make changes based on that.

8. Follow-up Funnels

Follow-up Funnels is an email/SMS autoresponder in ClickFunnels. It lets you make, schedule, and send messages to your customers. But remember, this feature isn’t available in the Basic plan and only comes with the Funnel Hacker plan at $297/month.

9. Smart Lists & Tagging

This feature includes smart lists and tagging. It can be a great tool for understanding your customers better and sending them targeted messages.

10. Affiliates

Backpack is ClickFunnels’ affiliate program. It includes a unique affiliate incentive called “sticky cookies,” where affiliates earn commissions linked to their affiliate ID and bonus commissions for future purchases by the same customer.

11. Supports Digital and Physical Products

ClickFunnels is great for selling both digital and physical products, making it a top choice for diverse businesses. For physical products, it works with ShipStation.

12. ClickFunnels Dashboard

The Dashboard shows you a clear chart of important numbers like page views, opt-ins, and sales. You can see these stats over different periods.

13. 14-day Free Trial

ClickFunnels also offers a 14-day free trial for their plans. They range from Basic to Pro, and you’ll just need a credit card to start.


Kajabi is a cloud-based platform offering a wide range of tools for creating, marketing, and selling online courses, digital products, and membership sites. Founded in 2010, it’s become a go-to for everyone from entrepreneurs to coaches etc.

Credit: Kajabi

As an all-in-one solution, Kajabi’s user-friendly interface, support network, and sales tools make it a top choice for those seeking to make a profit from their skills.

Kajabi's Key Features

Now, let’s discuss Kajabi’s key features in detail:

1. Products

Kajabi supports various digital products like online courses, subscriptions, membership sites, and coaching. Depending on the plan, like the Basic plan at $149/month, you can offer up to 3 products, while the Pro plan at $399/month lets you offer up to 100 products.

2. Websites / Landing Pages

You can build a complete website on Kajabi, including a homepage, blog, about page, privacy page and sales pages. It’s also great for creating dynamic landing pages.

3. Payment Processing

Kajabi integrates with Stripe and PayPal for payment processing, making payments quick and smooth. It offers instant payouts and doesn’t charge extra transaction fees, which is great for creators who are new in this field and just has started their venture.

4. Templates

Using Kajabi’s Page Builder, you can pick a page type and customize it to fit your style and content needs without needing a designer or developer.

5. Email Marketing Tools

Kajabi has built-in email marketing tools. You get one-time and automated email sequences, a visual editor for customization, email templates, audience segmentation tools, and email analytics to track your subscribers and email performance.

6. Pipeines

Kajabi offers pipelines for automatically capturing email addresses, making sales, nurturing leads, and re-engaging customers who leave during the cart or checkout process.

7. Analytics

Kajabi has built-in analytics and reporting tools to track your growth across various categories like subscribers, revenue, and page views, etc.

8. Customer Management

With Kajabi, managing your customers or even students is easy, thanks to its customer management tools. You can organize, segment your contacts, automate interactions, communicate, and track student progress.

9. Webinars/Events

For coaches, Kajabi Events lets you host webinars, virtual conferences, live training, and pre-recorded events.

10. Chat Support

Kajabi offers customer support via live chat. Monday-Friday, 6 AM-5 PM PST.

11. Quizzes and Surveys

Use Kajabi’s quiz and survey tools to engage your students and track their progress, etc.

12. Kajabi university Training

If you have a question or want to learn more, Kajabi University offers free training, boot camps, and resources, plus an onboarding sequence via email for new users.

Kajabi vs ClickFunnels Comparison

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: Email Marketing

In email marketing, being engaging is key to a strong sales funnel. ClickFunnels excels in this, with segmentation tools that categorize clients by location, interests, and purchase history. This helps target specific messages. Their autoresponder is great for launching promotions. Action Funnels ensure follow-through after a sale and make customized messages according to each customer’s actions. Kajabi Pipelines, while similar, offers a slightly different approach. Its email marketing system simplifies marketing to increase revenue. With an automated tagging system, it customizes tags for different offers and categories, ensuring email automation keeps the audience engaged.

Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels helps you create sales funnels with ready-made templates and an easy-to-use editor. It focuses on selling products and offers tools to encourage customers to buy more. While on the other hand Kajabi is more about managing online courses and content. It has features for emails and course planning to make teaching online easier.

Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: CRM

For CRM, both platforms shine in automating marketing and recording customers’ cycles. ClickFunnels Actionetics CRM is more encompassing, channeling customers into appropriate funnels through text and social media messages. Actionetics excels in customer engagement, with contact profiles to view demographics and a multi-channel approach. Kajabi, though offering a higher level of marketing automation, primarily focuses on email communication with its built-in CRM in pipelines and email broadcasts.

Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: Memberships

For membership options, both offer unique benefits. ClickFunnels Wasabi uses its marketing tools to convert clients into members through membership funnels. It has a drip feature to release content periodically, preventing user overwhelm. Kajabi’s Course Builder, on the other hand, excels in selling online courses and membership access. It offers User Progress Bars to encourage learning and Native Video Hosting on Kajabi’s site, unlike ClickFunnels. 

Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: Pricing

When comparing pricing, consider your needs. Both have different packages to suit various needs. 

Kajabi Price

Credit: Kajabi

ClickFunnels Price

Credit: ClickFunnels

Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels: A Quick Comparison

Here is a quick comparison of both software.




Product Types

Training courses, podcasts, communities, coaching programs

Digital/physical products, bundles

Advanced Course Creation

Yes (Drip courses, analytics, heatmaps)


Built-in Assessments

Yes (Quizzes, surveys, automation)


Coaching & Podcasts



Community Features



CRM Tool


Yes (Visitor tracking, tags, segments)



Yes (Digital/physical products)

Physical Products


Yes (Shipping, inventory, tax)

Page Builder

Limited customization

Advanced customization


1. Is Kajabi Good for Sales Funnels?

Kajabi can work well for sales funnels, especially if you’re new or short on time. ClickFunnels is known for sales funnels, but Kajabi’s templates are user-friendly.

2. . Can ClickFunnels Replace Your Website?

ClickFunnels is great for sales pages and funnels but is not designed to replace your whole website. It focuses on conversions and lead generation.

3. Kajabi Help with SEO?

Kajabi has some SEO support, but it’s not as good as WordPress. 

Final Thoughts

When choosing between Kajabi and ClickFunnels, consider your budget and what you need. Kajabi is great for content-based digital marketing and memberships with nice layouts. ClickFunnels works well for digital marketing and selling stuff, especially if you’re on a budget. But the ultimate decision between Kajabi vs ClickFunnels will be yours, as it’s all about what fits you best.

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