Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Looking for LMS software? The choices can be a lot. It’s hard to find a good software or membership site solution that works well with your business. When we talk about LMS, Kajabi vs Mighty Networks, these are two big names, and that’s why people often compare them.

In this article, we’re going to look at the main features of these two and help you figure out what’s best for you. By the end of this, you’ll know more to help you choose the right one for you.

They both are platform-as-a-service types, but Mighty Networks and Kajabi go on different paths. Their development philosophies are not the same. Mighty Networks is more about bringing people together, like a community. On the other hand, Kajabi focuses more on helping you sell your knowledge through courses or coaching. They’re both for online entrepreneurs, but they share this space differently. If you’re deciding between them, think about what you need. Do you want to build a community or sell what you know? That’s the big difference here.

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Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Feature Comparison

Now, let’s compare their features in detail.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Website Builder

kajabi vs mighty networks

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. It’s like a Swiss army knife for your online business. You can host your own website, deliver courses, and take payments. They also have features for email marketing and marketing tools. Plus, there’s a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

On the other side, Mighty Networks is more about community. It’s great for online courses and memberships and also provides an amazing feature for website builders. They began as a social network but changed their path. Their marketing tools are all about building your networks on the platform. 

Both Kajabi and Mighty Networks let you create courses and memberships. But in Mighty Networks, everything revolves around your communities.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Course-Building Features

kajabi vs mighty networks

Kajabi is great for making courses. It has a course builder that is easy to use. You can choose from different templates to make a big course with many lessons and modules or a simple mini-course. In your courses, you can add videos, downloads like PDFs and documents, text boxes, audio files, and even assessments. Kajabi also helps you do less work by using automation. Plus, Kajabi has many marketing features to help you tell people about your course.

Mighty Networks is a bit different. You can’t take courses by yourself. Instead, you build them as part of your community. But you can still charge for your courses. You can make a content-only course or something more fun like a cohort course or even a live course. You can also add lessons, modules, videos, images, documents, and text. The best thing about Mighty Networks is that you can add community stuff like a chat feed, newsfeed, member lists, and events to your courses. This lets you change your course to fit what you want.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Coaching Features

Kajabi is really good for coaching features. It’s easy to use for setting up single sessions or a bunch of them in a package. You can add helpful documents and supporting information, too. If you’re not sure how to plan your coaching, Kajabi’s template library helps a lot. For live sessions, you can use Kajabi’s native live streaming or connect to Zoom. Kajabi also takes care of sending automated email sequences to your students, which makes the process more easy.

Mighty Networks, on the other hand, is great for building a community. Want to start a live session? Just use the “go live” feature. It’s good for private coaching, too. You can make a Space for talking one-on-one or an event for teaching a group. Spaces are like private rooms, and events are like group classes. Mighty Networks doesn’t have strong tools for booking or a calendar management tool, but it’s still okay for planning one-to-one sessions or group sessions with your community.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Sales and Marketing Features

Talking about sales and marketing features, Kajabi really stands out. It’s got all the tools you need on one platform. With Kajabi, making websites, landing pages, and blogs is super easy, thanks to their beautiful templates and seamless page builder. You can also create amazing sales funnels without any stress. Plus, you can send unlimited emails with their email campaign creator. It’s like having a magic wand to automate your marketing stuff. Kajabi makes it easy to promote your products. You don’t need any other software or app for this. And the monetization options? They’re endless! Whether you want one-time payments, a series of payments, or to go for a subscription basis, Kajabi has got you covered with everything.

Mighty Networks, though, keeps it short and sweet. This platform doesn’t really focus on external marketing tools. Their idea is more about promoting and marketing within your community. You can still make things like subscriptions, content bundles, and coupons. But if you’re looking to reach people outside of your community, Mighty Networks might fall a bit short. It’s great if you already have an audience. But if you’re just starting, this limitation could be a problem.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Affiliate System Management

In Mighty Networks, you won’t find a full affiliate management feature. That means no sign-ups, commissions, or unique links for tracking. They don’t have a detailed dashboard for promotional stuff, either. But they do have something unique: an Ambassador Program. It helps your current users bring in new ones by showing them the value of your network.

Now, Kajabi is different. They have a good affiliate feature. Your affiliates can sign up, see their commissions, use unique links, and keep track of their clicks. But sharing marketing materials isn’t super easy. The dashboard isn’t very user-friendly or pretty. So, if you really want to push an affiliate marketing program, you might need another tool or platform to help it grow strong.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Onboarding and Customer Support

kajabi vs mighty networks

When you start with online courses or memberships, having a good, helpful support team is a big deal. It can really change how well your setup goes. Mighty Networks gives you a Help Center with lots of info. They have guides, videos, and special starred articles for beginners. These help a lot when you’re just starting. But they don’t have quick chat support. You can send questions through a contact form, but they don’t promise a fast reply.

Then there’s Kajabi. They give 24/7 support on their bigger plans. You can talk to someone by email or live chat at any time. If you choose their Annual plan, you even get personal 1:1 sessions. However, this is great for getting answers right when you need them. Kajabi also has a big Help Center, like Mighty Networks. They’ve got lots of tutorials and also Kajabi University to guide their members. This is really great for beginners.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Integrations

Kajabi is really strong with its integrations. It supports direct connections to many things. For handling money, you can connect it to PayPal and Stripe, which is super useful. Want to link up with other apps? Kajabi works well with MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and even Google and Facebook Pixel. If there’s something it doesn’t connect then you can use Zapier to make it work. 

Mighty Networks, on the other side, doesn’t have as many integrations. But it still covers important ones like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Zoom. A big plus is that Mighty Networks has its payment gateway. It means you don’t have to rely on a third-party provider for handling payments. And just like Kajabi, if you need to connect other software, Zapier is there to tie everything together. This is a real advantage if you’re trying to keep things simple but effective.

Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi: Community Features

Kajabi has enhanced its platform since it acquired Vibely in 2022, offering Circles for focused discussions, a community newsfeed, and tools for direct messaging, live video calls, and tracking member progress. It’s great for integrating communities with courses or other offers, allowing a more engaged learning environment.

On the other hand, Mighty Networks centers around creating a comprehensive community experience. It requires establishing a community space first, from which you can launch various activities like courses, events, and chat feeds. Spaces can be customized to be private, public, paid, or free, offering versatility in community engagement and monetization.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: User Experience

When you use Kajabi, the User Experience feels smooth. This platform is really user-friendly and intuitive. Everything just runs seamlessly. It’s rare to encounter a glitch. Sure, Kajabi has some complex features and workflows, so there’s a bit of a learning curve. But don’t worry. There are lots of help guides and on-screen prompts to make you feel comfortable with all the tools.

Mighty Networks is a bit different. It’s not as advanced as Kajabi, so it seems easier to use at first. There’s less to learn right away. But, you might find it lacking some tools after a while. But, it’s a good choice if you want something simple and effective.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Customer Reviews

When people talk about Kajabi, the reviews are mostly positive. Many reviewers are really happy about how easy it is to use the platform. They like the extensive feature range and how smooth the onboarding process is. But, some people aren’t happy with the customer service. They say the response times are slow, and they think Kajabi is priced too highly.

For Mighty Networks, customers have a lot of good things to say. They are impressed with how the platform always tries to get better by improving what they have or adding new stuff. People think it’s a great alternative to Facebook, especially for building an audience and a community. But, some find the layout a bit confusing. They have trouble figuring out where to find things and how to access different areas.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Pros and Cons


kajabi vs mighty networks

Kajabi is awesome for creating online courses that look and feel great. It’s super easy because it has everything in one spot – like your funnel, email, and checkout. Plus, their community and support are top-notch.

But there’s a bit of a learning curve with Kajabi. It might feel too complicated, especially if you don’t need all its features.

Mighty Networks

kajabi vs mighty networks

Mighty Networks rocks at helping you build a community. Their mobile app is great, making it easy for users to connect and network. The live feature is also cool for keeping people engaged.

However, Mighty Networks doesn’t have many tools for sales stuff, like funnels and automation. Also, if you’re looking to create online courses, it’s a bit limited compared to other platforms.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Pricing

Figuring out the true cost of platforms like Mighty Networks and Kajabi can be tricky. Beyond just the price tag, you have to consider fees, merchant account charges, and all the extra software, plugins, or programs needed to run your online members’ area effectively.

Starting with Mighty Networks, they offer three distinct tiers:

  • Free Plan: Ideal for beginners, though it comes with limited features and a 5% sales fee.

  • Community Plan for $28/month: Offers unlimited members and moderators, but you can’t charge for courses. There’s a lower 3% fee, plus merchant account costs.

  • Business Plan at $98/month: Here, you get full features, including charging for courses, with an extra 2% fee on transactions.

On the other hand, Kajabi structures its pricing differently with these tiers:

  • Basic, costing $149/month

  • Growth, at $199/month

  • Pro, priced at $399/month

Unlike Mighty Networks, Kajabi doesn’t impose extra transaction fees. However, each tier has its limitations, like the maximum number of members, products, and the extent of customer support. 

Both platforms offer a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore their features without an immediate commitment.

Final Thoughts

Mighty Networks is a versatile place to nurture and grow your community. It’s great for making a space where people can connect and share. But, it lacks some vital tools. For example, there’s no scheduler to plan events or a way to promote your community.

Kajabi, however, is the star here with its stellar features. It’s a win for anyone looking for a well-rounded platform. Not only can you create courses and communities, but Kajabi also helps you market them. It’s a place where you can easily monetize what you make, making it a top choice for many.

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