Music and language? How to Learn Language Through Music in 2024

Learning a language through music is a fun and creative way to understand new languages. It’s different from the high school days with unengaging resources and dusty textbooks. In this digital age, songs are everywhere, making music a vital tool in language learning. There is also a strong connection between music and language; that’s why you can quickly learn language through music.

Science shows that music helps with remembering words and phrases. When people listen to songs, they pick up the new language better. It’s a journey where melodies and lyrics become best friends. Research says this way of learning is scientifically proven to be effective. So, in this blog, we will tell you how to learn language through music.

Now, let’s discuss some of the tips in detail.

1. Choose the Right Song

learn language through music

Selecting the right song is very important in learning a language through music. The critical points of consideration should be that the song is enjoyable and easy to pick up.

When listening to music to learn, it’s essential to select songs that are level-appropriate to your skill set. If the song is too simple, you might learn little.

On the other hand, a song that’s too hard can blur together, leaving you learning next to nothing. So, find that perfect balance in your song choice.

2. Keep Your Target Song Close to You

learn language through music

For a good learning session, always keep your target song close. With music, repetition is vital.

The more you listen, the more you learn. It’s about catching the mood and unlocking your learning potential.

Easy way to do this? Download your favorite learning songs to your phone and computer. This way, your lesson is always just a click away, no matter where you are.

3. Read the Lyrics

learn language through music

When learning a target language through a song, it’s beneficial to look at the lyrics. It’s like knowing the meaning of the song.

You can find English translations easily or watch a video with subtitles. This way, you get to know new words while you listen and learn.

Seeing the words and their translation together makes it clearer. You can find lyrics online. Try reciting them with the music. It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, and soon, you’ll find yourself really knowing the song.

4. Break the Songs Down into Small Chunks

learn language through music

When learning a new language, try breaking down songs into chunks. Don’t just listen to the whole song all at once. Divide it into smaller parts and focus on them separately. This helps you to recite the words better and connect with the music more deeply.

With enough repetitions, these bits of the song get memorized more quickly, making your learning journey smoother and more enjoyable.

5. Watch Music Videos

learn language through music

Watching music videos adds visuals to the music, giving extra hints about the meaning.

See how the singer moves their mouth? However, this helps to understand the lyrics better. Try to replicate the sounds you hear. It’s like putting a face to a voice, making learning more engaging and fun.

6. Sing Along

learn language through music

Singing at the top of your lungs is not just fun; it’s a great way to learn your target language. While singing, you practice pronunciation and get familiar with vocabulary. Even lip-syncing to the lyrics helps. Imagine turning this into a language-learning binge with friends. 

Try foreign language karaoke on a road trip or during a study session. It’s a lively transition from just listening to actively using the language. This way, you’re not just learning; you’re living the language.

Dance Along

learn language through music

Learning a target language doesn’t have to be all about studying. Why not add some dance to your study session? Instead of staying in one place, get active. 

Put on a music video in your target language and follow the dance moves. It’s a fun way to learn through physical movement. 

As you dance, you’re not just listening to the music but also associating the phrases and words with movements. This helps your brain remember vocabulary better. 

Interact with Other Music Fans

learn language through music

Music isn’t just about listening practice, it’s also about building vocabulary and writing practice. If you have a passion for music, consider connecting with other music fans. You can join fan groups or communities online where you can share your musical preferences and discuss your favorite performers and groups. 

It not only enhances your listening skills but also gives you an opportunity to practice your writing skills in your target language. Plus, you might make new friends who share your love for music.

Benefits of Learning a Language Through Music

Lets discuss some of the benefits of learning a language through music.

  • Listening to songs helps language learners improve how they pronounce words. It helps them understand individual sounds, how words are spoken together, how to say weak vowel sounds, and the rise and fall of pitch in speech. Research shows that using musical skills and what you know about music can help you improve your pronunciation when learning a language.
  • Learning new words becomes easier with song lyrics, making them an excellent tool for increasing vocabulary. Studies show that integrating music into learning is especially helpful for young people, helping them learn and remember new words better than traditional methods alone.
  • Music can affect your state of mind positively, especially for foreign language students. In the classroom, teachers can use songs as listening materials or background music to create a calm atmosphere, reducing anxiety and stress. This relaxed environment can improve attention and learning outcomes in a language school setting, helping students overcome nerves and focus better on their studies.
  • Research shows that listening to music in a new language can boost confidence for language learners. By regularly exposing themselves to the language through listening, learners become more confident communicators and work towards their goal of becoming fluent speakers.

Final Thoughts

The goal of learning a new language can be achieved through music. Just listen to the same song a lot, and its lyrics will stick in your heart and brain. This helps you pick up the language quickly. Trying out different tools and methods is essential for success. But, using a musical approach boosts your ability to learn languages.


Can you learn a language with music?

Listening to songs helps you stay motivated and learn better. When you listen to music, you can improve your language skills while having fun.

Can I learn English with songs?

Learning English with songs is easy and fun. It helps you understand words better and speak more confidently. Plus, you’ll enjoy the music while you learn.

Can you learn a language just by listening?

You can actually learn a language just by listening, similar to how children do. Even before they start speaking, kids understand language. The great thing is, you can use this same approach in your own language learning journey.

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