Top 12 Best Learning Management Systems for Nonprofits

Learning management systems (LMSs), well-known in schools and corporations, are now vital for nonprofits too. Technology has grown, making LMSs more helpful for these organizations. They offer many benefits, like saving time and cutting down on costs. Using an LMS is a smart move for nonprofits wanting to improve their training methods. In this article, we will explore more about LMSs and recommend the best learning management systems (LMS) for nonprofits. 

A Learning management system (LMS) is a kind of software application. It helps with  documentation, administration, tracking, and reporting of educational courses and training programs. LMSs are great for learning and development programs. They provide platforms where course creators and trainers can work. Companies and organizations use them to manage content for students, employees, and other stakeholders. For nonprofits, an LMS offers a way to train new employees, volunteers, and partners more effectively. These systems automate the delivery of courses, making everything smoother and easier for everyone.

Benefits Of Using LMS For Nonprofits Organization

LMS comes with lots of benefits. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

LMS for nonprofits

Train Your Team

Using an LMS for training programs in a nonprofit is a game-changer. It reaches diverse audiences across the globe. Whether it’s staff members, volunteers, or even donors, everyone on the board gets access to the same quality of learning. It ensures compliance and provides consistent training experiences. With an LMS, it becomes effortless for everyone to study at their own pace. Your whole team can engage in training courses at the same time. This way, learning becomes more inclusive and efficient.

Time Saving

Traditional face-to-face training can be quite time-consuming. With an LMS-based approach, there’s more flexibility and efficiency. Learners can access materials anytime, anywhere, and on various devices. 

Financial Constraints

Working within tight budgets is a reality for many nonprofits. An LMS helps reduce expenses significantly. Think about the costs involved in traditional training sessions – travel, venues, accommodation, and printed materials. By investing in an LMS, these costs diminish. This software proves cost-effective in the long run. Also, pricing models based on the number of active users make it a flexible option for nonprofits of any size.

What to Consider When Choosing an LMS

Choosing the best LMS for your organization is necessary. So make sure to keep in mind the following factors while choosing the LMS.


For training courses designed for volunteers in remote locations, accessibility is key. A good learning management system for nonprofits should include a mobile learning app. This feature ensures that your team can access learning materials on their mobiles, no matter where they are. Look for features in the LMS that support widespread and easy access.

Automation & Analytics

When selecting an LMS, it’s crucial to consider its ability to automate routine tasks. Features like email notifications, class scheduling, checking quizzes, and computing grades should be automated. Another key aspect is the analytics capability of the LMS platform. Data analytics in an LMS help you improve your training programs by analyzing student data and measuring learner engagement. These features save time and offer insights for enhancing learning experiences.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is a vital element in any LMS. Look for one that enhance the learning experiences of your volunteers, employees, and other stakeholders. Essential features include discussion boards, peer-to-peer reviews, and forums.

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Best LMS for Nonprofit Organizations

Now, we will discuss the top 10 LMS that you can choose for a nonprofit organization.


LMS for nonprofits
Credit: LearnUpon

LearnUpon offers an LMS solution suitable for both modern companies and larger ones. It’s an affordable choice, especially with its eCommerce mode for blended learning. The Premium plan includes integration with various webinar tools, ideal for nonprofits that host webinars to train staff or educate the public. Particularly useful for big nonprofits, it supports instructor-led training. Regarding Pricing, LearnUpon has several features in each pricing plan. Their basic plan starts at $599.00/month, but they do offer a discount for nonprofits.

Tovuti LMS

lms for nonprofits
Credit: Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS is another great LMS on our list. It helps learners to get course access and information easily. It works well on phones so that you can learn from anywhere. It also has an automation system that can help you to schedule reminders and notifications. It has various options for assessment, gamification, and social interaction. Tovuti LMS is the best platform for customized learning. The process of onboarding, login, and enrollment is very simple, no matter if you are a new or pro in tech. It makes the process simpler for everyone through its instant member integration.

Absorb LMS

lms for nonprofits
Credit: Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS offers many standard features for an LMS. With this LMS, you can add the other modules that make a comprehensive learning environment. With a pre-configured system, nonprofits find it easy to use because it is helpful for uploading third-party courses from multiple vendors. This means companies have a choice to pick and choose courses that are best for engaging employees.
Absorb LMS stands out with Infuse, a feature for integrating course content with other systems like CRM and ERP. It’s great for microlearning, offering short courses for learning at any moment. The user interface is customizable and is very similar to the Netflix interface, which makes it worth double.


LMS for nonprofits
Credit: Docebo

Docebo Learn LMS is a powerful platform ideal for corporate training. It simplifies course creation with its drag-and-drop feature. Progress tracking is easy, and support for multiple languages makes it inclusive. Integrations with tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Teams extend its functionality. Part of a multi-product learning suite, Docebo continuously updates for improved effectiveness. Their plans start at around $25,000 per year.

D2L Brightspace

lms for nonprofits
Credit: D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is another LMS that has been quite popular in K12, nonprofit organizations, and corporate organizations. It’s known for its easy-to-use tools that engage learners. With content templates and interactive features, it makes learning engaging. The D2L Brightspace system is excellent for personalized learning guides, offering mobile-first interfaces for easy navigation. Unlimited data uploads and content authoring are another best features. D2L Brightspace is particularly user-friendly for first-timers, making it easy to navigate through courses. At the same time, it provides quick access for frequent users, ensuring a smooth learning journey for all.

Canvas LMS

lms for nonprofits
Credit: Instructure

Canvas is the best LMS platform for learning across different levels. It’s the best for children in K-12 schools, nonprofit organizations, higher education, and also for corporate learners. The features Canvas offers make employee training in blended learning environments more effective and easy. The Canvas Studio tool is a game-changer for both trainers and employees. During a live session, students can share videos with their fellows and even add comments. This interactive method enhances the content understanding, making other activities more engaging for course participants.


LMS for nonprofits
Credit: 360Learning

360Learning stands out as an LMS brand renowned for its expertise in collaborative learning experiences. This award-winning platform is best for nonprofits, focusing on student engagement and the success of the organization. It integrates AI and advanced automation, making course creation and management smoother. Plus, 360Learning offers free resources to help even those without design skills to create impactful training courses.


LMS for nonprofits
Credit: TalentLMS

TalentLMS stands out in the LMS market as an award-winning system, especially for nonprofits. It comes packed with features that match the needs of various organizations. Ideal for training courses, it aligns with your organization’s vision and mission. TalentLMS excels in creating a collaborative learning experience for learners and offers advanced data analytics for efficient tracking. Supporting 30 different languages, it’s a great fit for international organizations. Plus, its automation features make managing courses very easy and in just a few clicks.


LMS for nonprofits
Credit: Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is an LMS primarily for the education sector, but it’s also beneficial for nonprofit organizations. This system offers features that make life easier for trainers and instructors. They can create online courses, grade learners, and engage in live chats and discussion boards. Learner dashboards show personal progress and a built-in plagiarism checker ensures integrity. Its streamlined workflows are perfect for educational services targeting a broad audience. In terms of pricing, Blackboard starts at around $9,500 per year.


lms for nonprofits
Credit: Coassemble

Since 2016, Coassemble has been a big help for nonprofits. It makes learning easy for everyone. You can get your personalized domain name, custom emails, and branded workspaces with it. Coassemble is not hard to use, and you will not need extra software. This saves money. It also works well on phones, which is great for learning anywhere. The best part is the gamified content. They also have different price plans, from $50 to $625 per month, making it a good choice for all sizes of nonprofits.


Thinkific is a software solution that can work as a course marketplace or also as an LMS for nonprofits. It’s great for creating online courses and workshops and hosting live QA sessions. Thinkific even lets you award certificates and build learning communities. This platform has notable features like an online store to sell courses for fundraising. It includes web hosting to help market your nonprofit brand and maintain a strong online presence. When it comes to pricing, Thinkific offers plans starting at $36/month and provides a 50% discount for nonprofits.


LMS for nonprofits
Credit: Teachfloor

Teachfloor is great for course creators and corporate trainers who run live learning academies. As an LMS platform, it offers courses and training in a hybrid cohort-based format. This makes it a solid choice for nonprofits looking to monetize their learning programs. Its customization options and white-labeling solution allow for a customized look. Teachfloor is ideal for training volunteers and employees, with features like peer-to-peer review and SCORM file integration. Its intuitive design and course templates make it easy for trainers and creators to automate class schedules. Plus, there’s an exclusive discount for nonprofits and a 15-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

Technology has revolutionized how we learn. E-learning is now part of many industries, including schools, corporations, and even micro-businesses. For nonprofit organizations, embracing this shift is not just a necessity but a pathway to scale their mission. While it might seem hard, the rewarding outcome is worth the effort. This list of LMS options for nonprofits disclose the best options. Each one is designed to help you manage tasks, stay focused, and accomplish your goals more effectively.


What are the three major types of learning management systems?

The three major types of LMS are Open-Source Learning Management Systems, Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems, and Self-Hosted Learning Management Systems.

Is Google Classroom an LMS?

Yes, Google Classroom is a type of LMS. It’s a tool that teachers use to share digital lessons and other stuff online with their students. Teachers can also get homework from students through it and give them grades.

Can I build my own LMS?

Yes, you can build your own LMS with Moodle, an open-source platform. It might be a bit challenging without coding experience, but you can start by learning about Moodle’s features and interface.

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