Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi: Honest and Detailed Comparison 2024

The demand for online learning is widely increasing with every passing day. Everything in the modern world is getting digitalized, and learning is also not confined to traditional methods. Creating and selling online courses has become a go-to profitable work for educators, entrepreneurs, and experts in the field. 

The success of your course depends upon the quality of your content, but choosing the right platform is also essential. There are plenty of options available online, and it can be overwhelming to decide which one fits your needs the best. Let’s explore the three popular options, Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi, and compare their features.

Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi
Credit: Teachable

Teachable is an online course creation platform that allows businesses to create and sell courses and build brands online. It is a user-friendly website that was founded in 2013 by Ankur Nagpal. Its headquarters are in New York, United States. 

Teachable has become popular worldwide due to its simplicity and efficient features. It offers different tools for course creation, customization, marketing, and sales management.

What is Thinkific?

Credit: Thinkific

Thinkific is another online course-creation platform in the e-learning industry. Thinkific is an all-in-one platform for course creation, marketing, and delivery. It was founded in 2012 by Greg Smith, and its headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada.

Thinkific offers custom web themes and domains, quizzes and assignments, community spaces, marketing services, and much more. Thinkific is famous because of its flexibility and versatility. It gives users the tools to design, market, and sell online courses without any effort.

What is Kajabi?

Credit: Kajabi

Kajabi is also an all-in-one platform like Teachable and Thinkific. It acts as a convenience for online course creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Kajabi was founded in 2010 by Kenny Rueter, and its headquarters are in California, United States. 

Kajabi is considered a powerful solution for building and monitoring online courses, membership sites, and digital products. It combines course creation, website building, marketing automation, and sales tools into a single platform.

A Detailed Comparison of Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi

The detailed comparison of Thinkific vs Teachable vs Kajabi in terms of different aspects is discussed below:

Course Creation and Customization

Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi

The difference between all three platforms in terms of course creation and customization is as follows:

  • Teachable: Teachable is a straightforward platform that has a user-friendly course creation interface with drag-and-drop functionality. Users can easily upload multimedia content, create quizzes, and structure their courses according to their liking. Teachable also provides customizable templates and themes to make your courses look and feel better.

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  • Thinkific: Thinkific is a flexible course builder that helps users in designing courses with multimedia content, quizzes, surveys, and discussions. It has a number of customizable options like branded course sites, custom domains, and advanced design settings. Users can easily customize their courses to promote their brand identity.

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Kajabi: Kajabi is a powerful course creation platform that focuses on user experience and aesthetics. It offers customizable templates, themes, and layouts to create courses that are appealing to the eye. Kajabi also provides advanced customization options for branding, multimedia incorporation, and course organization.

Marketing and Sales Features

Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi

The marketing and sales differences between Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi are as follows:

  • Teachable: Teachable gives users many options to promote and sell their courses using different marketing and sales features. These features include customizable sales pages, coupon codes, affiliate marketing, and in-house payment processing. Teachable also allows users to have access to analytics and reporting tools that can track sales performance and user engagement.
  • Thinkific: Thinkific offers strong marketing and sales tools so users can generate course sales and revenue. To attract students, users can create customized landing pages, offer discounts, and carry out promotional campaigns. Thinkific supports affiliate marketing and popular email marketing platforms to maximize your reach and increase sales.
  • Kajabi: Kajabi is the boss of marketing automation because of the abundance of its tools. Customizable landing pages, email marketing automation, and advanced analytics are all offered by Kajabi to convert leads into possible customers. Kajabi also supports upsells, memberships, and integrated payment processing that helps increase the revenue potential.

Pricing and Affordability

Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi

The price list and affordability of all three Course Creation Platforms are given below:


Teachable offers 4 pricing plans that start from Free and go up to Pro+. 

  • Free Plan: It includes $1 + 10% transaction fee, 1 published product of each type (course, coaching, downloads), No-code course builder and web pages, Student referrals, Pay with integrated payment processing, and 1 admin & author seat.
  • Basic Plan: It includes all the foundational tools you need to build your business. It has all the Free plan features plus a 5% transaction fee, 5 published products of each type (course, coaching, downloads), Community, 1 membership tier, Integrated email marketing, Coupons and order bumps, Custom domains, Live group coaching, and Accelerator challenge access. It costs $39 per month.
  • Pro Plan: It has all the basic plan features as well as advanced tools. It comes with 0% transaction fees, 50 published products of each type (course, coaching, downloads), Unlimited membership tiers, Affiliate marketing, Live chat support, Upsells to increase order value, Public API access, Removable branding, and 5 admin & author seats. It is for $119 a month.
  • Pro+: This plan is suitable for fast-growing businesses. It has all the pro plan features and 0% transaction fees, 200 courses, 200 coaching products, 200 digital downloads, 200 product bundles, and Custom user roles. It costs $199 a month.


Thinkific also offers 4 different pricing plans that start from Free and end at Grow.

  • Free Plan: It offers 1 course, 1 community, 2 spaces per community, 1 administrator, Unlimited Students, 0% transaction fee, Email (30 days), and chatbot.
  • Basic Plan: This plan includes Free access to their Accelerator Program, Unlimited Courses, 1 community, 5 spaces per community, 1 administrator, Unlimited Students, 0% transaction fee, Email and live chat support, and Branded Mobile (Add-on). It costs only $36 per month.
  • Start Plan: It has Free access to its Accelerator Program, Unlimited Courses, 1 community, 10 spaces per community, 1 administrator, Unlimited Students, 0% transaction fee, Email and live chat support, and Branded Mobile (Add-on). It costs $74 per month.
  • Grow Plan: It includes all the Start Plan features and 3 communities, 20 spaces per community, 2 administrators, and phone and priority email support for $149 per month.


Kajabi offers a 14-day-free-trial after which it offers 3 pricing plans.

  • Basic Plan: It includes a 0% transaction fee, 3 products, 3 funnels, Unlimited landing pages, Unlimited marketing emails, 10,000 contacts, 1,000 active customers, 1 website, and 1 admin user for $119 a month.
  • Start Plan: It offers all basic features with more contacts, funnels, and products, plus an Affiliate program, 24/7 Chat support, Advanced automation, and the ability to remove Kajabi branding. It costs $159 per month.
  • Pro Plan: This plan includes all Start Plan features with even more funnels, products, contacts, and additional features like a custom code editor. The price for this plan is $319 per month.

Final Thoughts

In this comparison of Kajabi vs Thinkific vs Teachable, all the platforms are powerful and offer a variety of options for course creation and marketing. All three platforms have expertise in different features and win in providing distinctive services. 

In terms of analytics, Thinkific is the winner, while in terms of taxation, Teachable is the winner. Similarly, Kajabi is second to none when it comes to funnels. The best choice depends on the specific requirements and goals of the user as an online course creator.

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