Top 5 Exam Prep Services for Students

One crucial aspect of Students talking on a stepopening the door to more significant educational opportunities is scoring well on standardized tests via robust exam prep techniques. If you are an undergraduate, increasing your score on the ACT or SAT can lead to more substantial merit scholarship opportunities, and decreasing your tuition costs. Graduate student hopefuls can expand their school choices with higher scores, making more of the elite graduate programs available.

 The best way to improve your scores is to find a company that offers test preparation services. No matter which type of standardized test you are preparing for, these professional services will help you score as high as possible so that you can open up your choices of schools or careers.

Our top 5 exam prep services for students are: The Princeton Review, The Kranse Institute, Studybay, PrepScholar, and E-Prep. Also, we are including Bionic Turtle as a special mention for any of you that are planning to take the FRM exam.


The Princeton Review was started by a Princeton graduate in 1981, and it is one of the most well-known and successful standardized test prep companies out there. They are experts in standardized testing, and they have the resources to offer courses designed to help students successfully take these exams. Many of the programs are designed for students who need to score in the 90th percentile or higher.

The Princeton Review offers courses for students to prepare for different tests, including the SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and MCAT. Take a look at the highlights of these programs. 

SAT Preparation

For many years, Princeton has offered in-person classes and tutoring, but they now have courses online. The SAT programs combine automated on-demand preparation with coaching as you need it. You can choose from several different programs based on your needs.

If you need to score in a particular range, they offer programs that guarantee a 1240+, 1400+, and 1500+ score. If you are looking for improvement, you can choose a package that guarantees that you will improve your score by 150 or more points. These programs can be worthwhile if you need to score at a particular level to get into an elite program or if you are trying to qualify for a scholarship.

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They also have self-paced programs for both the ACT and the SAT. This program is less expensive, but you will not have a score guarantee.
Another great feature of their programs is the quality of the instructors. Not only do they have extensive experience, but they have to undergo a 37-hour training program before they are allowed to teach. You will have access to your program as soon as you register.

You will find videos, practice tests, preparation materials, and more. Another great feature is that the Princeton Review can personalize your self-guided course. They can use data from your answers to ensure that you get more practice in the areas where you need it most. This way, you won’t waste time studying material that you already know.

GMAT Preparation

For GMAT prep, the Princeton Review offers a self-paced course, an Ultimate course, and a private tutor. You can choose the course that aligns best with your goals. As with the SAT courses, the self-paced course is the least expensive, with other classes offering substantially more instruction but for a premium price.

ACT Preparation

They offer several different options for ACT preparation. Students can take a self-paced ACT course in conjunction with the self-paced SAT course. They offer private tutoring, as well as an Ultimate course. The most robust plan is the ACT 31 plan, which guarantees a 31 or greater score in just two months. This course offers more than 36 hours of class with expert instructors, AI-driven practice drills, review and practice books, proctored practice exams, etc.

MCAT Preparation

The Princeton Review offers MCAT preparation, and they have different programs. They also offer programs that guarantee results if the student needs to score at a particular level. You get six months of access, as well as live classroom time, practice tests, hours of video, and a full-length mock exam. This is an excellent program for anyone who wants to score well on the MCAT.

Other Exam Prep

Moreover, Princeton Review offers GRE and LSAT exam prep, and they have similar
programs. Whether you need personalized instruction or want to follow a self-paced course of study, they offer it, and it helps to improve your scores.


Princeton Review offers some great programs for all of the standardized tests and exam prep. They have different levels of support, and some guarantee scores. They have experienced instructors who understand what it takes to do well on these tests. The courses are expensive, but they have self-paced options that are more affordable.


2. The Kranse Institute

The Kranse Institute was founded by Shaan Patel and calls itself the number one digital college exam prep course. Its founder is known for starting with an average score on his SAT and applying strategies to score a perfect 2400. It is the only course developed by a student who scored a perfect score on the SAT.

The program includes as many as a hundred strategies designed to prepare students for the different types of exam questions. They offer numerous short videos with easy to digest chunks of information. It is an intense and comprehensive course, and students can learn anywhere they have an Internet connection. They also have an app that users can download for free.

You can prepare for the SAT, the ACT, and the PSAT. You get 18 months of access, and there is a money-back guarantee. This is a solid course, and they have many satisfied users. Their students’ average improvement rate is 210, and they boast a 97% student success

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The SAT exam prep includes 147 video lectures, 540 days of instant access, accessibility across mobile devices, progress tracking, printable practice exams, and free lifetime access to their mobile app. It is $499 for 12 months. Students have instant access when they sign up. 

The programs offered for other test prep are similar, and they all have a seven-day cram guarantee and a money-back guarantee. They stand behind their offerings. There are five sections to each course, including General strategies, Essay, Writing, Reading, and Math. Each section has short lessons that are easy to understand and retain.

3. Studybay

Studybay is an academic service that offers help with writing essays and papers. It was started in 2011 and they say that they have thousands of tutors available to help students. They provide services for help with any essay, and tutors bid for your assignments. You can pay extra for urgent orders, and they guarantee that the documents they produce will be original content.

Note: When dealing with Studybay, be aware that not all tutors and writers are US based, so you will have to shop around until you find the right writer for your needs. 

There are a bunch of reviews online, but take them with a pinch of salt. The online reputation of Studybay is overall, pretty strong, and with enough time you will find the best writer for your needs. 

Like with all essay writing services, they are not perfect, and you do need to check the work provided afterward. Make sure you run your final work through a  plagiarism checker, make sure citations are correct, and give an overall check before you submit. The more you communicate with Studybay, the more they  can assist you, just make sure to get all your questions out the way, and in writing at the start.

However, there is a range of skill levels among their tutors. You can review the bio of the tutors who bid on your paper and make your choice. Studybay does guarantee that their tutors have a great deal of academic experience. You are entitled to one free revision within twenty days, and you can ask for a refund if it isn’t produced on time. The service is not expensive, but you might want to review the writers’ bios before choosing a tutor.

4. PrepScholar

PrepScholar was created by two Harvard graduates, Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang. Both of these men did really well on the SAT, and they founded this service the following year in 2014. Their goal was to share their successful strategy for SAT exam prep with students at a reasonable price. They offer a course that is customized for each student’s needs. They offer the courses online and in-person, and students can choose anywhere from four to 54 hours of private tutoring.

They offer several different exam prep programs. The Complete SAT Online Prep is the least expensive program and it provides access to videos, practice questions, test-taking skills, problem-solving instructional videos and ten actual practice tests for 12 months. If students prefer classroom style instruction, several plans offer varying degrees of online classes, in person classes, drills, and more.

Each program starts sending you homework and lessons right after you take your SAT diagnostic exam. Students receive feedback on the lectures and assignments, and they can work on their schedule. Classes offer voice and video capabilities, as well as a shared whiteboard. When students practice, the course software intuitively tracks weaknesses and strengths, and it will provide material based on this information.

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When students are taking the course, they get details on which lessons to work on next and advice on the order to do them in. However, people can choose how they study. A dashboard recommends the exam prep to do each week, including lessons, quizzes, and practice tests. There is also a toolset that helps users track their progress as they move through the course.

The most basic plan suggests that students commit to a minimum of 40 hours to the course. They break down how those hours will be spent. For those who want additional help, they offer classes and one-on-one private tutoring. The private tutoring is done live online. PrepScholar offers a 160-point score improvement, or you get your money back.

This exam prep program has different choices for anyone who is looking to improve their SAT score. They also offer courses for the ACT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL, and they provide college admissions counseling. They all offer tutoring options and self-guided programs so that students can find the ideal plan for their situation.

5. E-Prep

E-Prep offers different programs for standardized tests, including SAT, ACT, PSAT, and SSAT. They offer many other affordable plans, and each one provides different levels of services. E-Prep is one of the leading services for students who need prep for standardized testing. They offer standalone SAT courses as well as bundled courses. Students can choose courses based on their test date or with an annual pass.

The courses offer videos that are pre-recorded by experts. There is a Homeroom Screen that has a scheduler and a timeline. The scheduler helps you schedule your exam prep time up until your test, and the timeline lays out everything you have done and what you have left to do before your test date.

Then, there is an Exam Room. Students have access to practice tests, and they can take them online or offline. Students can take these tests in chunks or do the entire test in one sitting. They will also find their exam scores, feedback scores, and target scores on this page. Also, there is a video graded exam room that explains each question and answer.

There is also a quiz room with short quizzes for short on time students or want
to focus on a particular type of question. There are videos to show the correct answers and how they reach them.

The study hall helps students focus on areas where they need improvement. It uses data from practice tests to track progress and where students need to spend more time studying. This section also recommends videos on these areas that need improvement, which can help improve.

Bionic Turtle (Honorable Mention)

The Bionic Turtle is an FRM exam prep company. FRM stands for Financial Risk Manager, and this test certifies people through the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) to manage risk. There aren’t any educational or professional requirements for this certification, but they must pass the FRM certification exam.
Bionic Turtle offers courses for people who want to prepare to take this exam. They offer practice questions and in-depth reviews of these questions, a study plan, and study materials for this course. Their programs provide daily questions, instructional videos, learning spreadsheets, and personalized learning support for those who want it. They have a forum community available at all hours of the day as well.

There are different plans available, starting with the Basic Plan. It comes in levels one and two, or you can sign up for a combination plan that includes both. The Basic plans offer forum access, question sets, study notes, and interactive mock exams. 

Final Words

Standardized testing can be intimidating, and students are often unaware of how they can improve their scores. These scores play an essential role in being accepted to colleges, earning merit scholarships, and even getting the job you want. If you score well, you will have more opportunities.

Some companies were started by people who understand how to conquer the test, and they created an entire course around the strategy that made them successful. Most offer self- paced courses that are less expensive, as well as courses that offer private tutoring or classroom access. They have tons of videos uploaded that explain the questions that will appear on the test and determine the answers.

Practice is key to improvement, and they offer numerous quizzes and practice tests. They offer suggested schedules for studying, and some have software that intuitively gives you material where you need improvement. This saves time because you can focus on your areas of weakness so that they improve.

If you want to improve your standardized test scores for college admissions, graduate school, merit scholarships, or a professional license, these courses can help you immensely. They all have online options and give access as soon as you sign up for the exam prep materials. You can work at your own pace, and the course will let you know what to do next and where you should be. 

Some programs offer score guarantees or point improvements, which is vital for some people to achieve a particular score. As long as you attend all of the exam prep classes and do the work required in the course, they do guarantee that you will score at the level you sign up for. This kind, of course, is expensive, but the guarantee makes it worthwhile.

Students who are planning to take any of these standardized tests can get help preparing to score well. These prep courses are designed to take the guesswork out of studying.
There are different programs available so that students can get the help that is right for them.

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