What is Virtual Instructor-Led Training?

At TaughtUp, we understand how rapidly learning and acquiring skills are evolving in today’s fast-paced environment. While traditional classroom-based education may still exist as one option for developing our capabilities, Virtual Instructor-Led Training has emerged as an innovative new method for schooling that’s revolutionizing how we learn and grow. Let us show you what is virtual instructor-led training and what its advantages are!

What Is Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)?

Virtual Instructor-Led Training, commonly called VILT, is a hybrid form of education that bridges the gap between traditional classroom training and online, self-paced learning. It marries face-to-face interactions with self-paced online learning to offer learners real-time interactive sessions with expert instructors. Still, it takes place virtually via tools such as video conferencing or webinars.

The Key Components

  • Expert Instructors:

    These training sessions are led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who help lead learners through the material covered, answer any inquiries during class time, and offer valuable insights and perspectives to guide learning experiences.

  • Interactive Learning:

    In an interactive learning experience, learners actively engage with content and each other through discussions, group activities, and Q&A sessions that foster a collaborative environment for learning.

  • Real-Time Feedback:

    Instructors can offer real-time feedback that aids learners in understanding and applying concepts more quickly and successfully.

Advantages of VILT
  • Flexibility:

    Learners can study when and where they choose, in the comfort of their home or workplace, without incurring additional travel costs.
  • Technology Integration:

    It uses video conferencing, virtual whiteboards and chat features to deliver an engaging learning experience for its participants.

Advantages of VILT

After knowing what VILT is, many people ask what is virtual instructor-led training advantage to practical life. 

1. Accessibility

It makes quality education readily available to learners from around the globe without geographical restraints preventing attendance at classes or certification programs. This accessibility can prove especially valuable to professionals looking to hone skills or acquire certifications without simultaneously jeopardising work and personal commitments.

2. Cost-Efficiency 

Conventional face-to-face training can be expensive for trainees and providers due to travel, accommodation, and resource expenses. But virtual instruction carries no cost burden for either party, making it an economical alternative for all concerned.

3. Customization

This training can be tailored to learners’ unique needs and skill levels. Instructors can adapt content and pace to benefit participants from their training experience. You should also know how to conduct virtual training.

4. Real-Time Interaction

It offers many distinct advantages for its students and instructors alike, notably real-time interaction between instructors and peers, which fosters engagement, stimulates questions and furthers understanding.

5. Skill Retention 

Studies have demonstrated that learners are more likely to retain information when actively engaged in learning. Virtual instructor-led training’s engaging environment increases knowledge retention for maximum efficiency as an effective learning method.

Is VILT Right for You?

Although virtual training offers numerous advantages, it might only suit some learners. When making this determination, consider these aspects when making your choice:

  • Self-Discipline:

    It requires learners to demonstrate self-discipline when participating actively and completing assignments independently.

  • Technology Comfort:

    An initial level of technical comfort and an uninterrupted internet connection is vital to creating the optimal experience.

  • Learning Style:

    While traditional classroom environments may suit some learners best, online learning offers flexibility that might serve others better. Consider your learning style when selecting it as the appropriate learning platform.

  • Course Content:

    Before enrolling in any courses, make sure they fit within your goals. Specifically, confirm whether a delivery method suits the system (s).

Starting VILT Classes on TaughtUp

After knowing what is virtual instructor-led training, it is essential to understand how to join one. TaughtUp’s VILT online learning courses provide learners with an effective means to reach their educational and professional objectives. Here is how you can start:

Explore Our Courses: To take the first step toward exploring courses, visit our website and explore the selection available – everything from business and tech courses to healthcare education and the arts can all be found here!

VILT Classes
  1. Register:

    To register for one or more courses that pique your curiosity and the upcoming sessions; our user-friendly platform makes this task seamless and straightforward.
  2. Prepare for Your Session:

    Once registered, you’ll gain access to course materials and instructions on joining virtual sessions. Organize any required materials before attending any virtual sessions.
  3. Join the Session:

    On your designated date and time, log onto our virtual session using the provided link, where our instructors will guide you through everything else.
  4. Engage and Learn:

    Actively engage in discussions, pose queries and collaborate with fellow learners – take full advantage of its dynamic nature to maximize your learning experience!
  5. Accumulate Certification:

    Once the course is completed, participants will be recognized with a certification recognising their accomplishments and newfound skills.

Final Thoughts 

What is virtual instructor-led training – VILT is revolutionizing education and professional development. By offering both traditional classroom learning and convenient online education, it brings the best of both worlds together into one learning platform that delivers interactive, i.e. traditional classroom pedagogy paired with online convenience for enhanced skills development or exploring a passion.

VILT on TaughtUp can support you throughout your educational journey and help you discover your full potential. Embrace the future of education today!

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