5-Minute Team-Building Activities 25+ To Do With Your Employees in 2024

Team wellness is critical to profitability and engagement, making team bonding important for the entire team. Integrating team-building activities into your company culture can help everyone stay focused, even on demanding tasks. Unlike long team-building days with many agenda topics on a whiteboard, 5-minute team-building activities are a quick fix. These quick activities fit into any busy schedule easily.

5-minute team building activities are brilliant because they’re quick and easy. You can use them to start a meeting with an icebreaker game or end it with a fun activity. They’re great for busy teams and can be done in any meeting. They are also great for virtual meetings and let teams of any size and location have fun together. You only need 5 minutes to do something fun like a quick office rapid fire, never have i ever, two truth and a lie, or even a bucket list game. I will share some fantastic 5-minute team-building activities in this blog. So try these 25 fun 5-minute team-building activities and watch your whole team enjoy together.

5-Minute Team-Building Activities

Let’s discuss some of the best 5-minute team-building activities in detail.

1. Wheel Of Questions Icebreaker

5-minute team building activities

Start with Icebreaker questions, a classic team-building activity. Team members can get to know each other better in just five minutes. The team leader leads this activity by asking some questions. Each team member takes turns answering questions like their favorite movie or a superpower they wish they had. This 5-minute team-building activity for the workplace indoors helps team members share answers and learn about each other’s personalities, interests, and experiences, making it an effective team-building activity that encourages them to build connections.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

5-minute team building activities

Two Truths and a Lie is a fun team activity where everyone shares two true things and one false thing about themselves. This game helps people learn about each other and guess which fact is not true. It’s a good way to build team spirit and laugh together.  Each team member takes turns sharing two true statements and one false statement, and others must guess the lie. This fun activity promotes active listening and observation, helping improve communication and interpersonal skills.

3. Speed Networking

5-minute team building activities

Speed networking is a quick team activity in which team members meet each other for short talks. Each pair has 1-2 minutes to discuss their work and personal things. After the time is up, everyone finds a new partner to talk to. This helps team members get to know people they don’t usually speak with. It’s a great way to make new friends at work quickly.

4. Paper Plane Challenge

5-minute team building activities

The Paper Plane Challenge is another 5-minute team-building activity that helps build teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving. Each person gets a piece of paper and has a set time to make a paper airplane. After making their planes, everyone throws them to see which plane flies the farthest or stays up the longest. This game encourages people to work together, be creative, and have a friendly competition while learning about how to make better paper airplanes.

5. Office Trivia

5-minute team building activities

Office Trivia is a team game where everyone answers questions about their workplace, company history, and what’s happening in their business area. The team leader comes up with all the questions. People try to answer these questions quickly and correctly. The person or team that knows the most wins and feels good about it. This game makes learning about work fun and helps everyone work better together. It’s a friendly competition that brings people closer.

7. Silent Line-Up

 5-minute team-building activities

Silent Line-Up is a fun, team-building activity that lasts about 5 minutes. In this game, everyone works together without talking to get into a line based on height, age, or how long they’ve been at the company. They can only use hand signals and body movements to communicate. This game makes everyone think outside the box and helps them work as a team to achieve a shared goal. It’s great for teaching how to communicate without words, pay attention to others, and adjust to new situations. This game shows how powerful and important non-verbal ways of sending messages can be.

8. Group Rock-Paper-Scissors

 5-minute team-building activities

Group Rock-Paper-Scissors is a 5-minute game that builds team spirit and sharpens quick thinking. Everyone pairs up and plays the classic hand game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Winners from each round team up with other winners to form new pairs. However, this keeps going until only two final winners are left. They face off to find out who’s the top champ. This game is super fun and gets everyone to team up, think fast, and plan their moves together. It helps improve how well team members talk and work with each other, boosting their quick decision skills playfully and competitively. It’s a great way to lift everyone’s spirits and strengthen team bonds.

9. Blind Drawing

Blind Drawing is an excellent, quick activity that’s all about teamwork and trust. In this game, everyone pairs up and sits back-to-back. One person gets a picture or shape that they have to explain to their partner without just saying what it is. Their partner then tries to draw the picture just from those clues. This game pumps up teamwork because you have to be clear in your talking and good at listening. It’s a fun way to build trust, sharpen communication skills, and let everyone’s creativity and problem-solving skills get better.

10. Human Knot

 5-minute team-building activities

Human Knot is a lively, hands-on team game that takes about 5 minutes. In this game, everyone stands in a circle and stretches their hands across to shake hands with someone standing opposite them. Holding on tight, the real fun begins as the group tries to untangle themselves back into a circle without letting go of each other’s hands. It’s like a giant puzzle where everyone has to move carefully and ensure that they figure out how to become untangled. It’s a great way to build trust and get closer as a team, as everyone has to rely on each other to find the solution.

11. Spread Some Gratitude

5-minute team-building activities

A quick yet heartfelt way to build team spirit is to Spread Some Gratitude. In just five minutes, use Bonusly, a recognition platform that integrates directly with Slack and other communication apps, to spread love and gratitude. Team members can create a dedicated space, like #gratitudewall, to post an appreciation message daily, adding bonus points. This activity is excellent for team building and leaves a positive effect that lasts well beyond the 300 seconds it takes to play.

12. Would You Rather?

5-minute team-building activities

Engage your team with a classic round of Would You Rather. This simple game requires an imagination and a list of ‘Would You Rather’ questions. Ask your employees to choose between two options, prompting them to explain their choices. This activity encourages employee engagement by making people think and talk through fictional, thrilling scenarios. It’s best for small to medium teams and sparks lively discussions.

13. Marooned On an Island

5-minute team-building activities

For a creative twist, try Marooned On an Island. This is a super fun way to get to know your team better. Ask everyone a simple question: If you were stuck on an island, which one would you choose to have with you—a favorite album, movie, book, or video game? It’s perfect for all groups, small, medium, or big. Team members can elaborate on their answers, sharing more about their interests and preferences.

14. Draw Your Mood

Draw Your Mood invites team members to draw their current mood, ideal vacation, or weekend trip using paper, colors, and pencils. This activity, recommended by psychology experts, mainly helps small, remote groups. It’s a creative way to help team members express themselves and share their feelings and aspirations through their drawings.

15. Show and Tell

5-minute team-building activities

Show and Tell isn’t just a kids’ game; it’s fantastic for adults, too, especially when people work from home. Set up a time when everyone, remote or at the office, can bring something neat, unique, or exceptional to show off. It’s a really easy and fun way for everyone to get to know each other better. Sharing a personal item helps break the ice and lets coworkers learn more about each other’s lives and interests.

16. Team Stretching

5-minute team-building activities

Team Stretching can be a rejuvenating mental and talking game where team members enjoy a stretching session before the day starts. Suitable for all groups, you can incorporate basic yoga or stretching knowledge. Gather the team each morning for a quick, 5-minute stretching session. It’s an excellent way to energize and sync the team for the day.

17. Listen Up

5-minute team-building activities

Listen Up enhances employees’ listening skills and helps them get to know each other better in small to medium groups. Write random, controversial, or exciting topics on pieces of paper. Pair employees, let them pick a paper, and express their opinions. Afterward, they must recap the information shared by their partner, focusing on the details. This activity sharpens attention and understanding within the team.

18. Word Association

5-minute team-building activities

Word Association is another best, 5 minutes team-building activity that fits all age groups and team sizes. Start or end your day or meeting with this activity. Provide a prompt to your team, and have each member say a word they associate with it and explain why. This stimulates quick thinking and enhances team connection through shared ideas and reactions.

19. What's My Name?

5-minute team-building activities

What’s My Name? is a super fun game that’s perfect for office breaks and even online team meetings. In this game, you write different names on pieces of paper or sticky notes. Everyone pairs up, and each person sticks a note on their forehead without checking the name. Then, everyone tries to figure out the name on their note by asking for hints from others. This game is awesome for sparking many chats and giggles as everyone works together to guess their mystery name.

20. Never Have I Ever

5-minute team-building activities

Never Have I Ever begun as a party game, but it’s also great for getting to know people at work. In this game, everyone starts with a finger raised. Team members take turns saying something they’ve never done, like “Never have I ever been skydiving.” If you’ve done it, you put a finger down. The game continues until one person is left with any fingers still up; they’re the winner. It’s a fun, simple way to learn more about each other and see what cool things everyone has done.

21. The Worst Job

5-minute team-building activities

The Worst Job is a fantastic game to play right before a big meeting to make everyone feel grateful for their current jobs. Whether people are working from home or in the office, you can play this game by having each person share a story about the worst job they’ve ever had and why it was so bad. The stories are funny and eye-opening. It’s a great way to lighten the mood and get everyone talking.

22. Trivia Slack Mini Game

5-minute team-building activities
Credit: Slack

For teams working online, the Trivia Slack mini-game is an excellent way to show off what you know and how you solve problems. To play, just set up the Trivia Mini Game on Slack. Choose your topics, decide how much time each question gets, and pick how many questions you want. Then, call your team together online and start the trivia fun. It’s a great way to connect and have a good time with your team, no matter where everyone is.

23. Bucket List Game

5-minute team-building activities

The Bucket List Game is a super way to get to know each other better by sharing your dreams and goals. In this game, everyone talks about things they want to do before they die, such as their Bucket List. They can chat about each dream as much as they like. This game makes everyone feel relaxed and open, and it’s a great chance to learn about what’s important to each other. It’s a fun, friendly way to bring people closer and appreciate everyone’s different hopes and wishes.

24. 5-Word Story

5-minute team-building activities

In the 5-Word Story game, members sit in a circle and, turn by turn, add five words to a story. The first person starts the story with five words, and each subsequent team member adds another five words to continue the narrative in whatever direction they choose. This interactive team-building exercise promotes collaboration, creativity, and active listening skills as team members work together to create a cohesive narrative.

25. Rapid Fire Question Round

5-minute team-building activities

Rapid Fire Question Round is a lively, quick game for team building. It gets your brain moving fast! Everyone pairs up or gets into small groups. In each group, one person is the question asker, and the others have to answer as many questions as they can in a short time. The questions come fast, and the answers have to go even faster. This game is excellent for sharpening your quick thinking and decision-making skills, and it’s a fun way to get better at communicating quickly and clearly.

26. Quick Compliment Circle

5-minute team-building activities

Quick Compliment Circle is a sweet and simple team-building game that spreads kindness and good vibes. Everyone forms a circle, and then they take turns saying nice things about the person beside them. This activity helps create a friendly and supportive vibe in the team. It lifts everyone’s spirits, makes people feel valued, and encourages them to talk openly and be grateful. It’s a great way to strengthen bonds and trust among team members.

Final Thoughts

Five minutes can seem significantly less, but in these 300 seconds, you can do something enjoyable, which is 5-minute team-building activities. These short, fun activities can make a big difference in the workplace. They’re perfect for breaking the ice, boosting team spirit, and making everyone feel more connected, especially in teams where some members work from home. These 5-minute games are a great way to welcome new people, build teamwork, and keep everyone’s spirits up. It’s a small time investment that can make work feel more fun, and everyone feel more together.

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