10+ Best Podia Alternatives In 2024

Thinking about starting your online course? While Podia is a big name in online learning but, it still has some challenges. That’s why many content creators are searching for top Podia alternatives that can offer more. There are specialized course creation platforms that are very helpful in online learning and can also give your viewers a better experience. So, to make things easy for you, we will discuss these best podia alternatives in this blog to help you understand your choices in detail.

Best Podia Alternatives

Let’s discuss the best podia alternative in detail.


best podia alternatives
Credit: Kajabi

Kajabi is a great podia alternative that helps course sellers boost their business. It might be for you if you’re into creating engaging communities and being a great course creator. You can measure your student’s progress, get insights, and use what you learn to help everyone succeed.
It’s different from Podia because Kajabi lets you customize things a lot. You can design pages as you like and even run coaching programs or podcasts. It also has a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system.
Kajabi also lets you manage membership access, create content templates, and set up marketing funnels. Its three pricing options start at $119 a month.


best podia alternatives
Credit: Teachable

Number two, the best podia alternative in our list is Teachable. It offers a good course platform with many options for building and customizing your course. You can even create landing pages to improve conversion rates.
A great feature of Teachable is its affiliate program. This feature lets you collaborate with others, like your students or influencers, to promote and sell your course. You can share the profits with them, making it a clever way to market your course.
However, Teachable does have its downsides. It lacks an app, which is crucial for students who prefer accessing courses on mobile devices.

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Credit: Gumroad

If you want an e-commerce platform to sell your creations, then Gumroad might be just what you need. It’s a favorite among content creators, helping them sell everything from their first blog post to their latest online course. 

Whether you prefer to keep your store on your personal website or set it up elsewhere, Gumroad makes it easy. Their page editor lets you create a digital storefront that customizes your style, while features like subscription options, membership controls, and the ability to create license keys for software give you flexibility. You can even import and export customer data to manage your business efficiently.

 When it comes to pricing, Gumroad takes a standard fee of 30 cents for each transaction, plus an extra percentage based on your sales volume. As your sales grow, the percentage fee decreases, so it’s a simple way to start selling online without worrying about complex fee structures.

Mighty Networks

best podia alternatives
Credit: Mighty Network

Mighty Network is an all-in-one solution. It’s more than just a cultural software platform—it’s a place to build and sell elegant, engaging courses. Its easy integration of courses with community, content, and live events makes it stand out. Whether you prefer teaching live or offering pre-recorded courses, Mighty Networks has different options to suit your needs.
One of its best features is Spaces, which is an influential hub for live streaming, messaging, discussion forums, and more. Your course can have its own community space, providing a platform for interaction and engagement. Even individual lessons can have a discussion with comment options. It’s a perfect tool for anyone looking to grow their course business.


Credit: Kartra

If you’re searching for a Podia alternative, look at Kartra. It’s a membership site platform that suits individual content creators and big businesses because it’s flexible. With Kartra, you get all the tools you need for your courses, sales, and training. Plus, there’s a marketplace where you can sell or buy what others offer.
Kartra has features like custom forms, which can be used to collect authentic leads, kartra template, an affiliate network, and a calendar to set up customer meetings. It even helps with complex sales funnels and marketing campaigns to boost sales.
When it comes to pricing, Kartra offers plans to suit everyone. Their Starter plan is excellent for beginners, priced at $79 monthly. You can upgrade to their Silver, Gold, or Platinum plans for more features and capacity as you grow.

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best podia alternatives
Credit: Udemy

You can also choose Udemy as a podia alternative. It’s not your typical platform; it’s a course marketplace where creators like you can post their courses. You can build your course on Udemy without any cost.

This option comes with its own set of pros and cons. The good part is that it might be easier to get sales, especially if you don’t have a big following. Udemy has a lot of potential customers already browsing the platform. 

However, the downside is the competition. With thousands of courses, making your course stand out can be challenging. Also, it’s important to remember that if someone purchases your course directly from Udemy’s library, you only receive 37% of the sale price. So, although you can earn money, a large portion will not go directly to you.

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best podia alternatives
Credit: LearnDash

If you’re searching for an alternative to Podia, you should check out LearnDash. It’s a WordPress plugin that makes managing your content super easy. If you’re already a WordPress user, you’ll find switching to LearnDash smooth and simple. It works a lot like Thinkific, giving you all the necessary tools to sell your courses effectively. LearnDash helps you break down your content into smaller, more digestible parts, making it a better experience for users.
LearnDash is packed with features, such as the ability to create quizzes and assignments, issue certificates when a course is completed, and set different pricing models like subscriptions and course bundles. It also lets you monitor user progress.
When it comes to pricing, LearnDash has three main plans. The Basic plan starts at $159 per month and goes up to $329 per month.


best podia alternatives
Credit: Skillshare

Skillshare is another option if you’re looking for something similar to Podia. Like Udemy, Skillshare is a platform where you can create and sell courses. Skillshare lets you build courses with features such as a review system and a project option, which allows people to share and compare their work.

However, like any platform, Skillshare has its pros and cons. One benefit is that it connects you to a large numberof potential students, but the downside is that it can be challenging for your course to get noticed among so many others. 

Skillshare uses a revenue-sharing model, meaning the money made is split among the course creators based on how much their courses are watched. While popular courses can make good money, new courses earn very little until they gain more visibility. So, it’s important to know these factors when considering Skillshare as an alternative to Podia.

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best podia alternatives
Credit: Pinterest

Another best podia alternative is Thinkific. It’s all about making and selling online courses. Thinkific offers more than Podia when handling and promoting your course content. It’s designed to enhance communication between teachers and learners, making the learning experience smoother.

With Thinkific, you get various features to make course creation and management easier. You can use templates to create courses, schedule content releases, and even hold live sessions with your students. Regarding pricing, Thinkific offers different plans to suit your needs, from a free plan with some limitations to more advanced plans with additional features.


Credit: LearnWorlds

If you need an online course platform with excellent customer support, you might want to check out LearnWorlds. It’s similar to Podia but especially good for professional institutions and training centers. LearnWorlds helps you market your courses effectively, track your performance, and use a variety of helpful features.

LearnWorlds has several pricing plans to fit different needs. The Starter plan begins at $24 per month and includes a three-page website, unlimited courses, and essential tools like an SSL certificate and drip content feature. If you upgrade to the Pro Trainer plan at $79 per month, you get unlimited landing pages and subscription options, plus a powerful site builder. 

The Learning Center plan costs $249 per month and adds advanced features like complete white labeling, API integrations, and interactive video tools. For larger organizations, the Corporate plan offers premium server access, a dedicated account manager, and support for large-scale enrollments. But, you’ll need to contact their team to find out the price.


best podia alternatives
Credit: WizIQ

Another best podia alternative is WizIQ, a platform designed to help schools and businesses share online courses. It’s great for growing organizations because it offers flexible solutions that adapt to their needs. Thanks to its simple design, WizIQ is accessible for both teachers and students.

WizIQ offers plenty of useful features, such as the ability to create mobile apps, sell live or self-paced courses, and monitor the performance of your courses with analytics.

Regarding pricing, WizIQ has five different plans starting at $25 per month. The plans offer various features, from shorter classes with the Professional plan to more comprehensive solutions like white labeling and custom payment options with the Infinite plan. It’s best to chat with the WizIQ sales team for more info.

Final Thoughts

For content creators, picking the right platform among Podia alternatives is key. While Podia is good, there’s a lot of competition. So, it’s crucial to know what matters most to you. This list of top alternatives to Podia aims to clarify things for you. Remember, finding the perfect fit might mean giving up a few things, but it’s all about getting the features you need for success.

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